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Tell-Tale Signs You Aren’t Taking Good Care of Yourself

Taking Care Of Yourself

Even if you try and follow a healthy lifestyle, there may be a myriad of ways that you’re neglecting yourself. When you’re working hard, studying for upcoming exams, or raising a family, it’s easy to prioritize other people’s needs over your own. If you don’t have time to practice self-care, you may notice a decline in your physical health, your emotional wellbeing, or your mood.
Fortunately, there are ways to remedy this. First, though, you’ll need to be aware of signs you aren’t taking good care of yourself:

You don’t get much exercise

If you aren’t working out on a regular basis and your daily routine doesn’t involve much physical activity, you probably aren’t taking great care of yourself. Regular exercise is important for your physical health but it’s also essential for good mental health. Factor in a daily walk, workout, or exercise class and you’ll soon feel the difference.

You miss routine appointments
When you’re super busy, it’s easy to postpone or cancel non-urgent appointments. However, attending regular checkups helps to identify potential issues early and gives you access to the best range of treatments and symptom management tools. Instead of putting it off, visit your doctor for an assessment of that mole, ask your audiologist to check your hearing for tinnitus, and consult an ophthalmologist for an eye exam. With regular checkups, you can even prevent health problems from developing, so it’s in your interest to fit routine appointments into your schedule.
You find it hard to concentrate
If your concentration levels are slipping or you find it hard to remember things, you might be experiencing ‘brain fog’. There can be numerous causes of this, including thyroid disorders, excess stress, poor sleep quality, nutritional deficiencies, and even anxiety. Try making some lifestyle changes and consult your physician to determine the root cause.

You have no energy
If you’re constantly tired or you feel lethargic, it can be a struggle to get through the day. If you’re not getting enough sleep, the connection might be quite obvious. However, if you’re getting a decent amount of sleep but you don’t feel refreshed and energized, it’s worth contacting your doctor. Conditions like anemia or diabetes can cause on-going lethargy but lifestyle factors, such as too much exercise, excess stress or a poor diet can also be responsible.
Your skin is dry
If your skin is usually dry or dehydrated, you may need to revisit your skincare routine and apply moisturizer more regularly to combat the problem. When dry skin is a new problem, however, you might want to consider what’s causing it. Stress, nutrition, and reduced water intake can all show on your skin, but effective self-care can remedy the problem quickly.
Taking Better Care of Yourself
It isn’t always easy to prioritize your own needs but sometimes it’s essential to put yourself first. When you’re taking proper care of yourself, you’re able to function optimally, which means you’ll be able to work harder and play harder.

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