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4 Things In Your Life That Could Be Damaging Your Relationship

In those blissful early days of a relationship, everything feels so right. Conversation and intimacy come easily and sparkle with the joy and intrigue of getting to know someone new. You want to spend every waking moment together and feel as though you enrich one another’s lives. However, as the years go by, it’s easy to start taking one another for granted. The immediacy of work (and, eventually, family) can erode the quality time together that used to come in abundance. Worst of all, because every day is spent putting out little (metaphorical) fires in your life as and when they arise, you may not even be able to see what’s going on.

Here are 4 things in your life that could be damaging your relationship. It’s time to take control!

Your job

Ignore the stereotype that the millennial generation is lazy and entitled. The statistics show that millennials are actually inveterate workaholics! They’re career oriented and work very long hours. And this can be detrimental to their relationships in a number of ways. A long and stressful working day isn’t exactly conducive to quality time with your partner. It can rob you of your libido, make you irritable and cranky or simply mean that you’re too exhausted for anything other than a TV dinner and an early night. 

Work / life balance isn’t always easy to achieve, but you owe it to your relationship to try. 

Your hearing

You may assume that you don’t need to worry about hearing loss until you get older. But lots of young people suffer from trouble with hearing. A love of live music, wearing headphones constantly, working with noisy machinery, a buildup of earwax or genetic conditions like Meniere’s disease could all slowly and gradually erode your hearing. This can make communications between you and your partner strained. They may start to feel frustrated or ignored. Fortunately a modern hearing test is fast, affordable and completely non-invasive. So you can get the treatment you need (usually in the form of a hearing aid) to restore easy communication to your relationship. 

Your expectations

Everyone is looking for something different from their lives, and our needs and goals are always changing. But while you may have plans for your life together, it may not always be healthy to measure the success of the relationship against your expectations. Especially when you fall into the trap of expecting your partner to instinctively know what you want. This is why clear, open and honest communication is so integral to a healthy relationship. 

Your busy lifestyle

Finally, if you’re working long hours and spending virtually all of your waking hours at work, or trying to scratch together something resembling a social life, your busy schedule can make it hard to make time for one another. Furthermore, it can prevent you from being able to take care of yourself in mind and body. Don’t let your busy lifestyle get in the way of a healthy, happy relationship. You need to make time for one another, but also make time for yourself to prepare healthy meals, exercise and spend some time on your appearance so that you feel confident, attractive and empowered. And this can only happen when you’re proactive about managing your day.  

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