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Signs Of Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can sometimes occur suddenly, but in most cases, it happens gradually, and you might not always notice the problem at first. Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent. There may be other symptoms to tip you off, like an earache, an unusual noise in your ears like tinnitus, or a spinning sensation like vertigo. You should see your GP if you notice a problem with your hearing, as you would for any other health problem.

Signs Of Hearing Loss
It can be surprisingly hard to notice when you start experiencing hearing loss. In fact, other people might notice it before you do. Early signs of hearing loss to look out for include: 
  • Difficulty hearing other people clearly, or misunderstanding what they say. This might be worse in noisy places. 
  • Asking people to repeat themselves as you can’t hear them
  • Needing to listen to music or watch TV at a higher volume than other people need to
  • Difficulty hearing clearly on the phone
  • Finding it tough to keep up with a conversation
  • Finding concentrating on listening tiring or stressful
These issues can be caused by hearing loss that happens as you get older. Hearing loss caused by aging is permanent, but there are treatments available, like hearing aids. 

Hearing Loss In One Ear
It’s hard to tell if you’ve lost hearing in one ear, as you will still be able to hear with the other ear. Signs of hearing problems in one ear can include:
  • Your hearing is worse when sound comes from only one side
  • All sounds seem quieter than normal
  • Finding it hard to tell where a sound is coming from
  • Difficulty ignoring background noise or telling different sounds apart
  • Finding speech unclear
  • Difficult hearing in noisy places
Hearing loss in just one ear is often caused by a temporary problem blocking sounds from passing through the ear, like an ear infection or a buildup of earwax. 

Hearing Loss In Children
Children can experience hearing loss too. There are some signs you can watch our for to catch these problems, including: 
  • They’re slow to learn to talk or aren’t clear when speaking
  • They don’t reply when you call them
  • They talk loudly
  • They ask you to repeat yourself or respond inappropriately to questions
  • They need the volume on the TV up high
If you think your child has hearing trouble, you should see your GP. Childhood hearing loss can be caused by a buildup of fluid in the ear. This can be treated and will get better over time. 

Hearing Loss In Babies
Babies will have a hearing check in the first weeks of their life after being born, but if you think they have difficulty hearing, you should speak to your GP or health visitor. Signs of hearing loss in babies can include:
  • Aren’t startled by loud noises
  • Reactions to some sounds but not others
  • Notice you when they can see you, but don’t react when you call their name
  • Aren’t turning towards voices by four months of age
  • Haven’ t started saying words that are recognizable by about 15 months

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