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5 Bad Habits That Wreck Your Skin


3 Bad Habits That Wreck Your Skin

Skincare is very important because your skin is the first face-to-face presentation of who you are. So you want to treat it right and give it the best care to keep it looking beautiful and healthy at the same time. Simple things like our daily habits can cause more harm than good to our skin. And whether these habits are daily or once a while, they add up to cause damage over a period. Take a look at the following habits to see if any of them sounds familiar. 

Going To Bed Without Washing Your Face

Sometimes, the urge to skip washing your face before bed is too strong to overcome and more so if you’ve had an exhausting day. Because you’re tired, washing your face is the last thing on your mind and you don’t think it matters. But the mere fact that you do not notice the grime on your face does not mean that it isn’t there. And as you continue to skip this one important bedtime routine, your face begins to pile up layers of oil and dirt. 

This can lead to breakouts and inflammations of your skin. Before going to bed, take a little time to stop by your sink to wash your face. And if you cannot make that journey for whatever reason, you can simply use a facial wipe. But don’t rely on wipes for more than two nights in a row.

  1. Tattoos

Tattoos may be very common now, but that does not mean there are no risks involved with respect to the skin. Tattoos breach the skin, making way for the development of skin infections and other skin complications. Moreover, tattoos have been proven to cause some types of allergic skin reactions that include an itchy rash on the tattooed area. 

A couple of tattoos may not do harm to the skin. But when it becomes a habit, like getting a new tattoo every now and then, then you will be putting the health of your skin at serious risk. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility of getting some tattoos removed (unless the tattoos are permanent) and giving the skin the chance to recover. Before getting a tattoo removed, consider applying a topical anesthetic such as emla to make the pain much more bearable.

Yes, smoking has several effects on the skin - most of which are negative for that matter. The nicotine contained in cigarettes and tobacco limits the amount of blood that flows to the skin. As a result, the skin is deprived of both oxygen and essential nutrients. 

Plus, tobacco contains certain chemicals that cause damage to the elastin and collagen proteins that are responsible for giving the skin its structure. Thus, if you have a habit of smoking, your skin is likely to turn dull, thin, and very wrinkled. The best solution is to quit smoking. But while you’re still trying to quit, you can make use of antioxidants like vitamins A and C to help ease some of the skin damage.

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