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4 Ways That Stress Affects Beauty


It is normal to feel stressed now and then because life isn’t by any means, a walk in the park. Sometimes, it reaches the point where you experience physical consequences, which is an indication that it’s time to find a solution. You can suffer anything from skin issues to blood pressure problems that cause illnesses like tinnitus. Here are four ways in which stress can affect your appearance in general

1.Acne and Breakouts


This is one of the most common physical signs that show you might be stressed. While there’s no direct connection between stress and acne, the mediating factors have quite a strong impact. Hormones and other chemical substances which are known to cause acne when produced in excess are triggered by stress, and that’s how breakouts occur. Not only does stress set the ball rolling for acne, but it can also worsen the breakouts you already experience. Overall, it makes it difficult to love your skin when all that is going on. 

2.Puffiness Under the Eyes

Have you ever noticed some extra baggage under your eyes and wondered where they came from? Well, stress can cause those unwanted guests around your eyes. All the things weighing heavy on your mind might cause you to lose quality sleep, which can cause fluid to gather beneath your eyes. Yes, you can use some concealer to hide it, but for how long will you do that? Try to get a long term solution, like getting enough sleep, so that you don’t have to do too much to hide them.

3.Dry, Flaky Skin

Stress prevents you from engaging in the self-care activities that keep you looking refreshed. One of those activities is drinking water, and a hydrated body equals dry skin. You might also turn to unhealthy substances like alcohol, which are known to be dehydrating. It’s no secret that whatever you put in your body reflects on the outside and so it’s important to put only beneficial things in. You should make a conscious effort to drink water as much as possible to keep yourself refreshed inside and out. Also, you can get unto a good skincare routine to help you deal with the dryness.

4.Fine Lines
Everybody likes a youthful-looking appearance and stress is an enemy to avoid at all costs if you don’t want wrinkles. Stress will have you making facial expressions that cause the lines you’ve always wanted to avoid. Frowning and pursing your lips are two of such expressions that promote the development of wrinkles on your face. As time goes on, these lines get more profound and deeper and more challenging to correct. As a temporary measure, you can find beauty products that can help. 
When you think about beauty, don’t only consider products to maintain a fantastic appearance. Re-examine your lifestyle and habits that can contribute to creating problems faster than usual. Stress is one of those things that you’ll encounter during your lifetime but should not take away too much of you. Find a proper stress management plan, so that you don’t fall victim to any of these mentioned effects, and more, with regards to beauty.

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