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Unexpected Health Complications From Quarantine

How long have you been self-isolating? 
For most households, the lockdown period – whether voluntary or recommended by their healthcare provider, started around mid- to end March. Vulnerable households have embraced social distancing habits as early February. But regardless when you’ve taken preventive measures against the pandemic to protect you and your family, the fact is that you’ve probably spent several weeks at home. 
Home, sweet home, as you used to call it. Except that nowadays, your home is your quarantine HQ. It’s become home, safe home. However, it doesn’t always deliver on what it promises as a place of safety and health. Indeed, staying at home may be the best way to avoid COVID-19, but it exposes you to new issues you were not prepared for. 

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You can’t boost your immune system
Admit it: You’ve been googling about ways to boost your immune system. We all have! It’s hard to say what can help to tackle the coronavirus, but a strong immune system is definitely your best weapon. Ensuring you get all the vitamins and minerals you need can be tricky. Some grocery stores can’t keep up with the demand so that you may lack some essentials. However, you can supplement your diet with vitamin tablets that can help you nourish your body. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle under lockdown is challenging. With each day, the situation can feel more stressful. As a result, sleep deprivation is likely to creep upon you when you least expected. Unfortunately, it is a natural reaction to quarantine. Reducing stress levels when the world is going haywire is impossible! As such, stress, lack of sleep, and lack of vitamin D – because you can’t go outside – can put your immune system at risk. 

Fewer cars, more reckless driving
The major problem with self-isolation is that it doesn’t avoid everyday risks. Staying at home reduces the number of vehicles on the road, for a start. However, it doesn’t reduce accidents. On the contrary, drivers have taken onto the empty streets in the most reckless manner. Driving too fast and relaxing road attention at the wheel are some of the most common threats for pedestrians or other drivers. In other words, you need to be extra careful on your next trip to the grocery store to avoid dangerous drivers. Indeed, personal injury lawyers have noticed that complaints have shown no sign of slowing down, despite the lockdown situation. Keep your eyes open when you go out. 

Wait, is that acne outbreak?
Your skincare routine may not be sufficient to combat the lockdown challenges. Indeed, staying at home is necessary to avoid the COVID-19 virus. Indeed, the virus can travel through the air, which means that your indoor air is safe as long as it is COVID-free. But is it really safe? While your indoor air is virus-free, it isn’t gentle on your skin. Indeed, particles in the air can clog up your pores and cause acne outbreaks. Additionally, you might find yourself struggling with a combination of excess sebum and dryness combined with high stress levels, making it hard to stick to your typical skincare products. 

Quarantine is the best solution to tackle the spread of the pandemic. However, it creates health challenges for all of us. From high stress levels to exposure to reckless individuals who take advantage of the deserted cities, risks are everywhere. Stay alert to avoid those additional dangers created by the lockdown situation

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