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Battling Chronic Pain: Everything You Need To Know

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The sudden pain of a bump or bruise is something with which we are all familiar. We have all winced after banging our shin on a table leg or cutting our finger while chopping vegetables, and it hurts. These sudden, acute encounters with pain are nothing to be belittled, but when it comes to struggles, people with chronic pain certainly have a claim to be affected worse than the rest of us.

Pain of this kind can be a result of an old injury that’s never quite healed, or repetitive strain. It may even seem to come from nowhere - many cases of neuralgia and fibromyalgia don’t have a specific, traceable cause and can be described as “idiopathic” chronic pain conditions. Whatever the reasons behind these issues, they cause serious impairment and distress to those who live with them. Below, we go into the best advice for people suffering from chronic pain, from treatment to living with the condition.

Chronic pain and mental health: The Catch-22

Studies have shown that people living with chronic pain are more prone to depressive and anxiety disorders. This is natural - while anyone can have a tendency towards these conditions, they are more likely to have a pronounced effect when the sufferer is placed in unfavorable circumstances. What’s really unfair is the fact that mental health conditions can directly impact on chronic pain episodes, increasing the severity of the discomfort.

For this reason, if you are affected by chronic pain, it is a good idea to have an outlet for mental health issues. A therapist would be ideal, but an exercise routine or a hobby can also be beneficial.

Conventional painkillers may be hit-and-miss

If you have a headache, then you can generally be confident that a couple of acetaminophen or ibuprofen will deal with it. Not all pain, however, reacts as you would wish in the face of medication. Chronic pain is particularly problematic in this respect because, even if analgesic medication does limit the suffering, it risks causing a dependency. Looking at non-pharmaceutical alternatives such as CBD buds could be your wisest move here. The effects of these herbal options are gentle but pronounced, and there is no risk of overdose or addiction, unlike with opioid-based medications.

Exercise: Complicated, but worthwhile

For sure, when you are dealing with chronic pain, there will be times when you feel like exercising is the last thing you want to do. However, it will often be the most important thing you can do, as exercise can diminish inflammation and increase mobility of an affected joint or muscle. Naturally, you need to embark upon an exercise regime with extreme caution - if you go too fast and get it wrong, you could end up with a worsened case and fewer options for treatment. An appointment with a physiotherapist might be what you need, as these professionals can locate the worst of the pain and design exercises that will have beneficial effects. 

Chronic pain can be a hellish experience, but with the correct treatment and a bit of understanding you can mitigate the worst of it and live a more comfortable, fuller life.

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