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4 Ways To Love The Skin You're In

Every one of us (including you, dear reader) deserves to feel beautiful. We all deserve to look in the mirror and be grateful for what we see, rather than comparing ourselves unfavorably to the unattainable standards of beauty that we see in the mirror. Because each of us is beautiful in our own, unique way. Yet so few of us ever get to see our beauty in the mirror. Here we’ll look at some effective ways to love the skin you’re in- both literally and metaphorically.

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Don’t worry. You won’t have to spend a fortune on expensive creams, or inject anything into any of your delicate parts. These tips will help you to both bring out and perceive your own natural beauty. 

Start your day with a positive afformation

Beauty products can make the world a better place… but they can also trick us into thinking that we cannot be beautiful without them. No matter how beautiful we may look, we may not feel beautiful. And relying exclusively on beauty products can exacerbate that. Try starting the day with some positive affirmations. These will help you to feel as beautiful as you look. Sure, you may feel silly at first. But try saying them every day and your perception of yourself will slowly but surely start to transform. 

Remember, healthy skin starts within!

Moisturizing creams, primers and toners are all well and good. But they’ll be less effective if you’re not taking care of your skin for within. For example, you may have seen lots of beauty products which contain collagen. But collagen can’t be absorbed into your skin. The molecules are too big. Your body needs to create its own. So make sure you drink plenty of water every day, and ensure that your meals are loaded with these skin-nourishing foods;

  • Green leafy veggies- Vegetables like kale and spinach are rich in chlorophyll which can help to give your skin that healthy, natural glow… without turning you green.
  • Tomatoes- They’re tasty, they’re versatile, and they’re abundant in an antioxidant called lycopene which can protect your skin from damage caused by the sun
  • Citrus fruits and berries- These are high in vitamin C which is essential for your skin to produce more collagen and stay youthful.
  • Nuts and seeds- These contain Omega 3 fatty acids to protect your skin from puffiness.

Banish blemishes from home

We all have little blemishes and imperfections which can keep us from truly falling in love with our skin. The good news, however, is that we can banish these from home, without needing to spend a fortune on dermatological treatments. Check out this article which explains the benefits of a claritag skin tag removal device. It also suggests some other home treatments which may prove effective.

Get your sweat on!

Finally, we all get a healthy glow in our cheeks after we work out. But did you know that regular exercise can keep your skin looking younger for longer? When we get ou blood pumping, it’s more likely to send much-needed oxygen and nutrients to our skin cells so that they can heal themselves faster. 

Don’t waste your energy on self-loathing. Try these healthy and natural ways to love the skin you’re in. 

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