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What are the First Signs of Hearing Loss

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When one of your five senses start to fall short of what it once was, you’d like to think you’d know it’s happening.
But the deterioration can be gradual, as can other health problems as you age, and that makes it harder to notice it’s
To help determine if you or a loved one is facing the initial
stages of hearing loss, here are some initial signs to watch for.

Can’t Hear Sentences Clearly

If the words coming out of the mouth of the person across from you sound muffled, or you only catch a few words in a sentence, it could signal a hearing issue. Depending on the specific issue, women’s and kid’s voices may be harder to understand.
That’s because their pitch is often higher in tone or softer. Similarly, you might not hear a sharp chirp of a microwave. Of course, you probably wouldn’t know what you’re missing with the microwave sound unless someone else told you about it! 

Tuning Out Background Noise is Hard 

The next time you’re in a busy restaurant, check whether you can hear what the person across from you is saying. If your ability to tune out background noise to be able to focus on the individual voice of the person at your table, you might have a hearing loss issue. 

The same situation likely happens at a loud party or sports event. It could mean you’re among the 38 million Americans who have substantial hearing loss; find out more hearing aid facts that reveal you’re not alone and how to improve the situation.

Stuffed Up Ears

Do you feel like there’s a blockage in one or both ears because voices sound far away? While you might think the ears need a good flush out, it’s likely instead a sign of something more profound than that. See your doctor to determine if it is only a temporary blockage or an infection, to rule out either.

Avoid Social Situations

If you avoid going out to mingle because of the strain to hear properly, it’s understandable. You might feel embarrassed about asking friends and family to repeat themselves, for example, and notice that they get frustrated by having to do so. 

Listening all day attentively is also likely exhausting and stressful. Read lips to understand what is going on, which keeps you from making eye contact or enjoying conversations fully anymore. But, socially isolating yourself isn’t healthy, and it’s not going to help the situation. It might be time to seek professional auditory help.

Final Words on Hearing Loss

As you approach your golden years, it can be disheartening to learn that your senses are declining or that other issues arise with the body. Thankfully, there are specialists available to provide treatments and services, such as hearing aids, to help you enjoy life fully again. 

Also, take comfort in the realization that you have a lifetime of experiences to draw from and much wisdom to share with those around you. All of which makes retirement an amazing time of life.

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