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It's Time to RELAX!

Burnout is not something anyone wants to experience, but in the world that we live in today, it’s more common than we would like to admit. We work long hours, and we push ourselves harder and harder physically. We are worn out, run down and weary, and life is challenging. It’s time to relax, and you need to do what you can to unwind, re-energize, and feel like yourself once more.

Below, we’ve got a few ways you can start the unwinding process and feel fantastic about yourself once more.

1.The very first thing that you can do if you want to unwind is to unplug. It will help if you let go of your screens for a change. When was the last time you stepped back and let go of your phone and your tablet? When did you last leave your phone in the lounge when you went to bed? Blue light technology can affect your brain, so you need to disengage - even just for a little while!

2.You can take essential oils like lavender and sprinkle them on your pillow to encourage natural relaxation, or you can start looking into CBD. You may get asked does weed kill brain cells, but we’re going to reassure you here that this myth has long been debunked! CBD or marijuana can help you to unwind, but you need to be smart about what you buy and how much you consume.

3.Book a vacation - and actually go. When was the last time you took a trip that was solely about you? Book yourself a break and take time away.

4.Find a hobby that you can really enjoy and start putting your time into it. Yes, work is essential, but you need to free your time for something that you enjoy, too. It’s a big part of self-care to focus on something that takes you away from your stress. Go camping, read a book, learn to knit: whatever you do, push your energy into it.

5.Talk to someone who can help you to unravel why you are feeling so burned out. Is it work or pressure outside work? Someone else can guide you and tell you to slow down when you need them to — having someone to talk to you can offer you inspiration and motivation to do better and quit being so burnt out all the time!

6.Choose to focus on the good stuff for a change. You can easily get pulled down by paperwork, issues with work, meetings with the boss, pressure from friends, and social media pressure. If you make a point of writing down every day what you love and feel positive about, you’re going to find it far easier to relax and feel positive. You need that if you want to live a life that focuses on healing and not negativity. 

It’s not always easy - or possible - to relax. However, now you can at least try to inject some relaxation into your life. Why not try today?

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