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Do You Know The Effects On Your Body When You Party?

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We all love to cut loose and party a bit on the weekend. If you work hard all week, looking forward to getting together with your friends, dressing up in your finest and hitting the bars and clubs to let your hair down can be extremely appealing. And as long as you have your life in moderation, you might think that there’s nothing wrong with this. While cutting loose occasionally is good for the soul, and everyone needs an outlet from the pressures and stress of modern life, if you’re partying every weekend then you could be doing damage to your body without even realising.

The Effects On Your Brain

Partying and hitting the clubs up is not something that we consider could be bad for our brains, but regularly drinking large amounts of alcohol can cause changes to lots of different aspects of your brain - from your mood to your communications skills and your ability to focus. If you’ve ever drunk dialled an ex after a night out with friends or ended up having a tearful heart-to-heart or even getting into a fight, you’ll already know that your judgement and emotions can go off the scale when you’ve been drinking. Some people also experience drinking related memory loss. It might seem funny to wake up and not remember what you’ve done, but if this happens on a regular basis you need to take a look at your habits.

The Effects On Your Hearing

When we party at gigs or clubs, we can be exposed to seriously loud music. And while this might sound amazing at the time, we all know that feeling where there’s a ringing in our ears when we leave the venue - but what if one day, that annoying buzzing didn’t go away? The effects of tinnitus - that’s the name for that tingling, buzzing or whooshing sound in your ears after a heavy night out - can range from mild to severe. If the small hairs in your ear canal get permanently damaged, it's not something that can be cured. All you can do is learn to manage the side effects. Severe tinnitus can cause permanent hearing loss, so if you know you’re going to an extra loud show or club night, it might be a good idea to take a pair of ear plugs to protect your hearing.

The Effects On Your Immune System

Do you get sick a lot all of a sudden and wonder why? If you constantly seem to be battling coughs, colds and flu, then it could be that your partying has lowered your immune system. Alcohol suppresses the body's natural defences against bugs and infections, meaning that you may suddenly start to pick up every bug going round if you’ve been partying a lot. Your white blood cells can’t fight harmful bacteria as well if you’re drinking a lot, and it isn’t just the minor inconvenience of a cold - you can contract serious infections such as tuberculosis or pneumonia. Drinking to excess on just one occasion can lower your immune system, so if you’re doing it on a regular basis, you might want to step it down a bit and look at ways to build your immune system back up.

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