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Can Everyone Hear Your Tinnitus But You?

50 million Americans currently experience tinnitus, making it one of the most prevalent hearing issues across the country. You may assume these high stats put the issue high on our radars but, in reality, many of us assume this is something that happens to other people. You may be so set in this belief that even urgings to get your hearing checked fall on (excuse the poor pun) deaf ears.

Sadly, tinnitus is often a sign of infection or other underlying issues that could lead to hearing loss if left untreated. Not to mention that generally managing tinnitus alone can be challenging. That’s why it’s vital you face up to the truth of tinnitus sooner rather than later. Of course, most of us are familiar with common symptoms, but that’s not what we’re looking at today. Instead, we’re going to take a look at symptoms of a much deeper issue - that of your denial.


Everyone else is the problem

Anyone experiencing hearing trouble, tinnitus included, is at risk of assuming everyone else is the problem. It’s far easier to blame someone for mumbling or playing the television too quietly than it is to admit a problem, after all. Even if you accuse every member of your household of mumbling, you may genuinely believe that to be the case. But, take a step back and consider this. Are they really speaking too quietly, or is it merely that the sound in your ears prevents you from hearing what they say?

Forever looking for the source of the sound

Tinnitus sounds can come in all shapes and sounds. These noises can also come and go and may leave you forever seeking their source when they start. If you spend a great deal of time chasing a sound that no one else seems to notice, it may, therefore, be time to accept the truth. The harsh reality is that, no matter how much you blame the fridge for that continual hum, that doesn’t explain why it follows you out of the house sometimes, or why other people never seem to hear it. 

Assuming you’re just clumsy

Interestingly, tinnitus, like any hearing problem, can lead to a significant loss of balance. Often, we don’t think much of this, assuming we’re just clumsy or have two left feet. You may even make a joke of this with friends, and assume it’s a quirky personality trait. But, if your lack of balance is worsening, or seems more severe when you can hear that pesky sound (the fridge, if you say so), then tinnitus may well be behind the issue.

No one wants to admit they’re dealing with a problem like this. You may even know, deep down, what the issue is without wanting to admit it. Sadly, tinnitus isn’t something that’s going to go away on its own. A healthy and happy life is possible regardless of even severe tinnitus cases, but only if you face up to things fast and seek the help you need.

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