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Are You “Needy” Or “Needing?” How To Stop Depending On Your Partner

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Sometimes, we can rely on our partner too much. If you're looking for a simple way to boost your confidence or to avoid dealing with certain aspects of life if it's very easy to use your partner as a crutch.
But when you become needy rather than needing it can do a lot of damage. This is why you've got to deal with this in the right way. But what can you do to stop depending on your partner and become more resilient? 

Get To The Root
It's crucial to figure out where your dependency comes from. It may be something like abandonment issues or it could come from some sense of dependency on each other. Sometimes there are external issues that you need to address, especially when it comes to mental health problems like addiction. And even for any couple, there are opportunities for couples drug rehab near you or counseling. When you start to get to the root cause it can make you regain control over the situation and your life.

Become Independent
If you ever feel dependent on someone the polar opposite of getting independence is crucial especially if you have both been depending on each other for some time. Healthy relationships give you the opportunity to form a bond with someone but it also allows you to grow independently. Once you start to address the parts of your life where you could become independent, like getting new hobbies away from your partner, it will encourage your independence. Doing something like expanding your friend group is also going to give you far more opportunities to spread your wings.

Learn To Help Each Other
When we become dependent it can mean that we end up focusing on our needs rather than the needs of the relationship. If you decide to stay in a relationship with someone you need to open up to your partner. When you are depending on someone for whatever reason it could very well be the fact that they are an enabler. Once they realize that they are enabling you in certain ways you can start to form a healthier relationship. Ultimately, being needy is not healthy and it's not good in the long-term. You also need to address if you are prioritizing your health. Giving yourself time to become accustomed to your own needs is vital. Some people jump from relationship to relationship without a moment's notice which means that they will never learn to function by themselves. But learning to help each other can be about time apart for the benefit of each individual's need, but sometimes it's also about learning to let go.

We have to remember that if we ever feel dependent on something in life it means that we're not necessarily developing our own resilience. Learning to be in control of your life, especially in terms of a relationship, means that you have to focus on yourself. And dependency is about surrendering yourself over to someone. But if we go through life like this we will never learn those essential skills. Learning to be in a relationship is about being the best person you can possibly be before you start to open yourself up to others.

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