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A Fascinating Insight Into The Growth Of The Nursing Profession


Did you know that there are more than 4 million nurses in the US alone? Nurses make up the largest group of healthcare providers, and they play a critical role in caring for people who are sick and injured in a range of settings. Over the course of time, the challenges and obstacles facing nurses have changed, and this has contributed to the growth and evolution of the nursing profession. This infographic provides a fascinating insight into the factors that influence modernization and what the future holds for nurses.

 One of the most significant concerns for healthcare providers is the aging population. People are living longer than ever before, and by 2030, over 65’s will make up almost 20% of the population. It is estimated that 80% of seniors have at least one chronic health condition. As well as the aging population of patients, the profession also faces a challenge in the form of aging nurses. The average age of registered nurses was 47 in 2016, and by 2024, 700,000 nurses are expected to retire. The third factor highlighted in the infographic is the need for specialty nursing roles, for example, nurse educators and administrators.

 With the demand for speciality skills and the age of both patients and nurses increasing, education and training are vital to the future of the profession. Demand for nurses is rising, with over 400,000 new jobs expected to be available by 2024. Nursing is a rewarding career, which offers a fresh challenge on a daily basis. There is also an opportunity to progress by pursuing specialty training or completing a Master’s program. The average salary for a nurse rises from $69,110 for registered nurses to $94,500 for nurse administrators.

 As the nursing profession adapts and adjusts, nurse leaders have a critical role to play in supporting staff teams, encouraging healthy lifestyles, promoting high standards of geriatric care and encouraging younger nurses and students to consider advanced roles.
Infographic Created By Norwich University

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