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Fight The January Booboos Head First

It’s already 2020! It’s unbelievable as quickly time flies. Some of you surely remember the positive force that drove the late 1990s. We were all hoping for a fantastic new millennium. Let’s be honest; most of us still dreamed of flying cars at that point. And look where we are now: Twenty years in the new millennium, and there is still no sight of flying cars. Engineers have barely managed to come up with a hovering board like the one Marty McFly uses in Back to the Future II.

Nevertheless, most of us remain optimistic and with good reasons. Each new year allows us to better ourselves and come up with positive resolutions for self-improvement. We may not be ready to step in a flying car any time soon, but we’re still looking out to the future with a mind full of dreams and aspirations. 2020 is going to be the year where you’ll achieve your dream career. This year, you’re finally learning a new skill. This year, it’s happiness guaranteed; you’re going to make it happen. We all have resolutions for 2020, and we all keep a long list of goals we want to achieve. Chances are that the new decade has probably brought some significant milestone objectives you are set on meeting. And you know what? You should give yourself the best chance to meet your new year’s goals. There’s no better way to prepare for a wonderful new year than by tackling all the health challenges that January brings. After all, you need to feel your best to keep your New Year’s resolutions. Remember, only the year is young. Your body, however, didn’t hit the reset button on January 1st. Therefore after the Christmas holiday, your health has already gone through a lot of challenges, both physical and emotional. Are you ready to bring your health to the next level and tackle the eight most common booboos of January?

#1. Indigestion
Ah, the best thing about Christmas is the food! Some people can’t help it. They overindulge during the Christmas period — hey, it only happens once every year. Others try to be careful with snacks, sweets, and quantities during the Christmas period. As soon as the holiday is over, they find themselves with their cupboards filled with a variety of indulgent treats; and that’s precisely where their discipline begins to crumble. Ultimately, the truth is that going back to school or to work after the festivities is no fun – and it doesn’t matter how much you love your colleagues or classmates. Life was sweeter when you could relax at home. So, it’s only natural to look for a delicious reward after a long day. You’ll be surprised to know how easy it is to be disciplined when you’ve got the whole day to chill with your family. However, introduce school or office stress into the equation, and your Christmas discipline will rapidly disappear. In other words, those Christmas sweets you’ve kept in the cupboard are likely to disappear overnight as soon as the first homework task or work project comes your way. If you don’t want to end up bed-ridden for days with a bad case of indigestion, you might need to stock some essential medicines for your sweet tooth, such as Gaviscon adults and even Gaviscon infant – especially if you’re breastfeeding because you’ll be sharing your sugar rush with your baby too! Ultimately, the best solution is to refrain from buying too many treats, but who can do such a thing at Christmas? 

#2. Tired completion
Christmas is a funny time. Some of us start thinking about their Christmas look months ahead, hoping to flounce their best bod in a cute little dress. Everything becomes part of the plan, from your outfit to your makeup, without mentioning your skincare routine. No wrinkles for Christmas! And while you might look your best for Christmas dinner with your relatives or at the end-of-year party with your co-workers, the sad truth is that your skin will end up showing the excess of the festive season. Unfortunately, you can’t cheat. When the festive season is ultimately a long series of dinners, parties, comforting food, and some boozy drinks, it’s impossible to wake up in January looking fresh as a flower. Your completion is going to be a little tired and bloated as a result of the Christmas indulgence. Even if you’re careful about what you eat and drink, you can’t help late nights, stress – especially if you’re having guests over – and general fatigue if you’re traveling to see your relatives. In other words, if you’re going to start January like a champ, you need to give your face a little glow magic. Now’s the best time to consider updating your skincare routine to feel refreshed and glowing, for instance. 

#3. Digestive issues
Did you know that a lot of people experience digestive problems in January? As surprising as it might sound, your New Year’s resolutions might be the underlying cause for your digestive issues. How come? There’s nothing more frustrating than deciding to improve your diet – it’s a common resolution – and suddenly finding yourself struggling with constipation – or worse, diarrhea. What’s going wrong? You’ve just started a healthy diet, and it looks like your body is rejecting it. Does it mean you should throw your resolution in the air and go back to your favorite processed meals diet? Your body is a well-calibrated machine, but like every machine, it will need time to adjust when you change the “fuel”. It’s not uncommon for your stomach to needs several days to weeks to get used to a new diet.
Consequently, you may not want to wave goodbye to your brand new healthy habits just now. Ultimately, when you’ve trained your stomach to expect a certain type of food, it’s normal for it to struggle with new options, even if they are healthier. However, you can help your body go through the motions by focusing on herbal remedies to ease digestive problems. It’s best to avoid medications as they could upset your stomach further. Instead, ginger tea and dandelion tea, for instance, can help your body to process food more easily. 

#4. Runny nose
January is the cold and flu season. First of all, it’s fair to mention that catching a virus has nothing to do with the weather; aka being cold doesn’t mean you’ll get a cold. But after the Christmas festivities, your natural defenses might be weaker than usual. You can support your metabolism with a few tricks to avoid the January flu, such as washing your hands often or even putting a plant on your desk. You might be tempted to add vitamin C supplements to your health routine, but be warned: This one doesn’t protect you against germs. Your best bet is to keep your hands clean – using soap or hand sanitizer – and avoid physical contact with people who are unwell or unclean surfaces. If you’re already struggling with a runny nose, make sure to rinse it daily to help reduce inflammation. 

#5. Feeling SAD
Look out the window. The sky is gray. The sun is almost entirely hidden behind the clouds. It’s still dark when you go to work in the morning, and it’s equally as dark when you drive back home in the evening. Depressing doesn’t even begin to describe the situation. You, my friend, might be having a spot of SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is typically triggered by low light exposure, as it is the case in winter. However, spending as little as 20 minutes outside every day can help boost your mood. You can also invest in a light therapy device, which gives you all the UV rays you need to feel good in your skin. There’s no way you can tackle your New Year’s resolutions if you’re feeling down. 

#6. Yes, those jeans are too tight 
It’s not that you’ve been careless over Christmas, but you’ve indulged a little more than usual, and now your clothes are feeling a little uncomfortable. Don’t panic; you can get those unwanted pounds under control as long as you stay away from drastic crash diets. The best thing you can do is to avoid dieting and, instead, introduce a few healthy nutrition rules into your routine. 

#7. De-stress
Christmas is a stressful time. We all love our families, but things can sometimes get heated over the holiday. It’s hard to go back to work when you still feel the tension of your time with relatives. But you can find your way through stress by focusing on your breathing and learning to relax your muscles. Ultimately, January is a hectic time in the office, so learn to listen to yourself and relax on the spot. 


#8. Exhaustion
Don’t push yourself. Christmas is tiring for everyone. You might have plenty of exciting resolutions for 2020, but taking it slowly should be the first. You can’t achieve anything when you’re tired! 

If you have a list of New Year’s resolutions longer than your arm, take the time to step back and boost your health. Your body and your mind need to recharge if you want 2020 to be the best year it can be! 

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