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Fashion For The Cold Weather

Winter Fashion

Since being in Ohio the cold weather is pretty hectic! Temperatures reaching 18 degrees. A girl like me isn't use to this type of weather, but hey it's great for some fashion! It's been such a long time since I've done a fashion post. Today starts the day I will try my best to get back into it along with my fellow fashion bloggers. I'm wearing this cute sweater dress, Yes! sweater dress which looks like just a sweater. I added my skinny jeans I bought from Walmart at the price of about $20.

High Heel Boots

I haven't been in high heel boots in so many years so I'm still trying to get use to walking in them lol! I purchased these boots from Amazon in a size 11. I love the leather look and how they embrace my legs. This girls cost $44 and since I'm a Prime member I got free shipping and received them in 2 business days. I love the total  outfit, but I'm not use to wearing shirts or dresses that show off my tummy, but hey a girl still rocking this fashion look

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