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The Hidden Health Dangers Of Your Desk Job

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When people think of dangerous jobs, working behind a desk isn’t something that usually comes to mind. It certainly doesn’t have the same immediate health risks as working as a firefighter or a tree surgeon. However, it does in fact have its health risks – they just tend to be more gradual. Here are just some of the hidden health dangers to be wary of in your desk job, and how to protect yourself from these dangers.

Repetitive Strain Injury

Ever had aches in your fingers and forearms after typing on a keyboard for long periods? Often these aches will go away, but for some people these aches can become permanent, often accompanied by loss of sensation and stiffness. This is known as repetitive strain injury and it occurs after months or years of a repetitive motion such as typing. Good ergonomics and posture can sometimes prevent this injury – make sure that your keyboard is directly in front of you when you type and make sure that your elbows are level with the keyboard. Repetitive strain injuries can sometimes be cured by abstaining from an activity or by surgery.

Back pain

Craning over a desk all day isn’t good for your back. Many people with lifelong desk jobs eventually suffer from back problems which can be very painful. A work-related back doctor may be able to sometimes offer treatment such as surgery, however some back problems can be incurable. To avoid future back pain, improve your sitting posture by keeping your back straight. Keeping your eyes level with your monitor could encourage this so that you’re not having to look down – this could involve raising your monitor or lowering your chair.

Heart disease

Sitting at a desk all day can increase your risk of heart disease. Lack of physical activity can lead to weight gain and high blood pressure, which can put a strain on the heart. Without regular exercise, the heart can also become weaker. Getting in your fix of cardiovascular exercise could prevent heart disease – try being active either before work, after work or on your lunch break. Be wary that heart disease can also be brought on by smoking, drinking too much coffee, eating too much fatty food and by being stressed.


Staring at a bright screen all day can cause many people to get eye strain, which in turn can lead to headaches. Taking breaks from looking at the screen can help to prevent this. It’s also worth using software to automatically adjust the contrast of the screen to the time of day. Coffee withdrawal and stress are also known causes of headaches that are common in desk jobs.

Colds and flus

People working desk jobs can often be susceptible to colds and flus, particularly in a busy office full of people. Poor ventilation and failure to clean shared equipment such as keyboards and mice can often help the spread of these bugs. Make sure that you’re getting your dose of vitamin C so that you’re keeping your immune system up – this could help prevent you from catching frequent colds and flus. Washing your hands and cleaning your equipment could also help.

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