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Newest Innovations in Personal Health & Fitness


Health and fitness routines have continually evolved in the last ten years from the types of fitness routines available, to the technology used. Many people are joining fitness programs to improve their quality of life. Fitness fanatics want to monitor their progress and stay focused on their fitness goals. The technological trends in fitness are making their life easier by helping them to maintain the right fitness routine. Find out how the following innovations can assist your fitness routine.

Personal Fitness Apps

Personal fitness applications like the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app can help you achieve your wellness goals. The app acts as your trainer to keep you focused on your fitness goals. After setting your objectives, the app will remind you of your daily exercise routine and record your progress. This is just one of the many choices and types of personal training apps you can use

Soul Electronic Run Free Headphones

The Soul electronic run free headphones are fitted with an artificial intelligence system to not only monitor your running progress but also provide coaching. The real-time voice trainer guides you on how to improve your running and keep the right form. It also provides updates on your progress.

Black Box VR

The Black Box VR creates a virtual reality gym experience to help you get fit without walking into a gym. When you want to exercise, you step into the Black Box room, get a fitness headset, and your surroundings will be transformed into a gym. You will have a virtual trainer, and you can have fun while improving your health.

IMAX Immersive Cycling Programs

An IMAX immersive cycling program transforms a cycling workout into an enjoyable exercise. The indoor cycling is a digitally created concept projected onto a large screen. The experience takes you to a different place because of the look, sound, and storytelling. You will even feel the curves of the cycling trail.

Arcade Style Gyms

Arcade Style Gyms provides a unique environment for a workout. Many people are excited about the interactive and high-intensity circuit that guides you through your fitness sessions. The walls and the floors are pressure sensitive and measure the intensity of the workout. With Arcade Style Gyms, you can burn about 1000 calories in the 45-minute session.

Fitness tracking mirrors

Fitness tracking mirrors are like body scanners for monitoring your fitness progress. Unlike the traditional mirrors, which only show the outward appearance, fitness tracking mirrors can provide a full 3D scan. The data it records can be accessed from the accompanying app for you to study your progress.


If you have a leg injury, NormaTec can assist you during workouts. It reduces tenderness by enhancing blood circulation and rejuvenating muscles. The technology is a form of massage therapy, which allows you to train while in recovery.

In the past, fitness was boring. However, technology is making fitness fun and interactive. The trend is encouraging people to lead healthier lives.

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