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Iconic Spots to Visit in NYC

New York City

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New York is one of the greatest cities in the world and full of a whirlwind of activities and iconic sights to see. With famous tourist attractions at every turn, you may never have enough time to see all of them. Nevertheless, there is a list of top attractions that are a must-see.

Central Park
The central park serves as an equalizer to New Yorkers from billionaires to roommates desperately in need of fresh air. There are many activities one can do in the park, such as spread out a blanket for a picnic, stroll through landscapes, hike the ramble, catch a concert or play or run laps around the reservoir.

Chrysler Building
When was the Chrysler Building built? It was completed in 1930 and was the tallest brick building of the city, but not until eleven years later. Visitors are not allowed in, but you can visit the lobby and see the beautiful mural on the ceiling, a truly spectacular example of art deco.

The Brooklyn Bridge
It is roughly 1.1 miles long, and one of the oldest suspension bridges and used to cross the East River. The bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn and offers a unique view of both boroughs. You can walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan, along the way read plagues that describe the history of the bridge.


Time’s Square
It’s a major tourist destination, brightly adorned with illuminated billboards and advertisements. The Time Square is a busy intersection where scores of electric and neon billboards vie for the viewer’s attention. The neon neighborhood fascinates everyone, from first time visitor’s to New Yorkers’.
Chinatown boasts a large population of Chinese people. Both New Yorkers and tourists visit this area for a variety of delicious Chinese cuisine. There are nearly countless restaurants, sunglasses, jewelry and designer handbag and watch shops, some located underneath. Vegetable markets spill onto the sidewalks. 

Grand Central Terminal
It is the most famous transit hub in the world. It holds the famous four-faced opal clock in the main concourse above the information booth. It is a renowned meet-up place for new Yorkers. There are many iconic shops and restaurants representing a fascinating history.

Coney Island
It is an amusement area packed with people of all ages and backgrounds and entry is free. Activities peak between Easter and Halloween with roller coasters rides and beach walks. Everything from bikinis to food is sold on the boardwalk. It is the best place for a lazy day in the sun. 

Iconic Spots

With a 24 hours city, that never sleeps, the ideal thing to do it to identify which places are a must-see per day. The destination is filled with thousands of things to do and see. 

What do you think should be added to this list?

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