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Finding The Motivation To Lose Weight


Many people want to lose weight, but few people have the motivation to get started. Other may have no problem starting out on a weight loss plan, but may struggle to keep it up, eventually giving in. It’s understandable as to why it’s so hard to find the motivation – weight loss is a huge task that requires making long-term sacrifices. To help you find the motivation to lose weight, here are just several tips that could help spur you on.

Focus on the positives

Most people want to lose weight to feel better about themselves, but this is just one of many reasons as to why losing weight can be beneficial. It can improve your health in numerous ways, give you more freedom as to which clothes you can wear and allow you to be active without getting do tired. By focusing more on the benefits and less on the drawbacks, you may find it easier to stay motivated. 

Set yourself measurable goals

Aiming to simply ‘lose weight’ isn’t a clear goal. Instead, make your goal measurable such as a specific weight to aim for or a specific dress size that you want to fit into. Make sure that your goal is realistic and set yourself micro-goals from week to week to keep you spurred on.

Record your progress

Keeping track of your progress will allow you to see how far you’ve got to go to meet your goal – and more importantly how far you’ve come. There are plenty of fitness apps that can help you record weight loss progress. Alternatively, you could keep a diary or even write a blog to record your progress.

Personalize your weight loss plan

It’s important to find a weight loss method that works for you. Certain weight loss methods are likely to suit your lifestyle better and may require less sacrifices. For instance, you may not have time to go to the gym or you may be unable to give up certain foods – a personalized weight loss plan may allow you to keep certain elements of your lifestyle while also keeping onto a few treasured treats. There could also be certain weight loss methods better suited to your general biology – by using a medical weight loss clinic you may be able to create a plan catered to your body. Having a plan personalized to you will help you to get results more easily and will motivate you more.

Find someone to lose weight with

Many of us find it easier to pursue a goal when surrounded by like-minded people. Consider finding a friend or family member who you can take up the challenge of losing weight with. If you don’t have any friends or family that share your passion to lose weight, consider joining a weight loss group where you’ll meet such people. You can then offer encouragement to one another and be more inclined to stay on target.

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