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How to Rebuild Your Strength the Smart Way


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You may have had a serious illness or perhaps you’ve had an unlucky accident. But whatever your reason for wanting to rebuild your strength, the important thing is that you don’t push yourself too hard.

Rebuilding your strength isn’t about hitting the gym as hard as you can, nor is it about pushing yourself to the limits. If you want to rebuild your strength in a sustainable and smart way, you must do it slowly and, ideally, with the help of professionals.

A healthy body leads to a happy life so now is always a good time to take control and build you strength.

Talk to Professionals

Rehabilitation takes time and it’s always easier with a few professionals in your corner too. For example, a physiotherapist will be able to help you recover your flexibility and give you suitable exercises to ensure steady progression. But there are also other therapies to consider such as aquatic therapy and orthopedic rehabilitation, which can help.

Once you have regained some of your strength, a personal trainer may also be beneficial. They are great for motivating you and supporting you through your exercise regime. However, do make sure that you don’t push beyond what you know you are capable of. Trust your instincts.

Vary Your Exercises 

Strength isn’t just about being able to run faster or longer. To build your strength, you should balance strength training with flexibility, stretching and cardio work too. Doing a variety of workout types throughout the week is the best way to build your overall fitness while giving each area of your body time to recover.

Exercises like yoga and pilates are also really good for building your strength as they only use your body weight and increase your flexibility too. As a beginner, you will probably struggle with some of the poses but that’s okay. Over time you will steadily get better and be able to include more different poses into your routine.

Eat Strong

Your diet is vital to your overall health and if you are planning to build muscles, you need to eat the right things to give your body the fuel it needs. Amino acids are essential building blocks in your body and aid muscle protein synthesis which builds your muscles up. To gain muscle mass, you must eat high protein foods as well as exercise regularly.

Eggs, lean meats and nuts are brilliant for building muscle but all healthy diets include a broad range of foods including plenty of fruits and vegetables. A good rule is to make every plate as colourful as possible as this usually means that you are getting a range of different nutrients.

Rebuilding your strength is no mean feat but no matter where you are starting from, you can work your way towards a strong and health body again. Balancing your exercise routine with a healthy diet and taking advice from experts will give you the best possible starting position. Now all you need to do is put in the work to make it happen!

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