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Getting Your Ears Pierced - Things You Should Know

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Getting your ears pierced can be a very exciting time - a whole new world of accessorizing and personal expression is about to open up to you. But getting any piercing is a procedure you need to think carefully about and you will be responsible for a fair bit of aftercare in the following weeks to ensure your piercing heals properly and remains free from infection. 

The first thing you are going to want to do is to research the different types of ear piercings. One tip to see if you’ll be happy with how the piercing will look is to buy some clip on earrings or fake versions of the piercing to give you an idea of placement, you can even do this with stick on earrings or by drawing a dot where you want the piercing to sit. 

The next thing you need to consider is where you’re going to get your piercing done. Although there are people out there who have pierced their ears themselves it is highly recommended that you go to a professional at a piercing shop to ensure that the piercing is conducted in a sterile environment and to the highest of standards. There are many piercing shops out there so do your research and read up on past customer reviews. 

Once at the piercing shop you will usually be presented with a couple of options for starter earrings. Starter earrings are often made from hypo-allergenic materials such as gold and may have a sharper end to help them pierce through the skin. It’s really important that you use a good quality starter earring when having your ears pierced to reduce the chance of infection, they may not be the most stylish but after your piercing has healed you’ll be free to change up and experiment with your own styles. You can usually replace starter earrings after 6 weeks if your piercing is in the lobe and after 12 weeks if it is in cartilage. 

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Once you’ve had your ears pierced the after care begins. It’s extremely important to listen to the aftercare advice of your piercer to avoid your piercing becoming infected or closing up. Remember that a piercing is essentially an open wound and so should be treated with care. After care advice can differ depending on the type of piercing you get and the person giving the advice but in general will involve keeping the starter earring in situ for a period of time (usually between 6-12 weeks) maintaining good hygiene of your hands and around the piercing site, rotating the piercing to stop the skin healing onto the earring and trying to avoid anything that may irritate the piercing such as sleeping on your side, catching it on clothing or touching it too often. Always check with your piercer for their aftercare advice but don’t be afraid to do your own research online.

With a little research into the piercing type, a reputable piercing shop and by providing the correct aftercare you’ll soon have beautifully pierced ears that will last a lifetime and can start looking at all the new jewelry that’s now available to you.

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