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Keeping Your Health In Check

Health In Check

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Be honest, how often do you put off going to the doctor about a minor condition. You might justify it by saying that you'll see if it goes away on its own. Sometimes these little health niggles fade from our thoughts, we never get around to dealing with them, and we learn to ignore them.

Visiting your primary care physician for a health check-up might be a good idea. You may be sluggish or lethargic a lot of the time, or have problems sleeping. Although you may be able to carry on with life, they might be symptomatic of an undiagnosed illness.

Having a check-up once in a while can also mean that your doctor may catch the very early signs of severe conditions such as heart diabetes, disease, or even cancer. Getting diagnosed with a life-threatening disease early can make fighting them much more straightforward.

What To Expect

Getting a health check might include having your height and weight taken to work out your body mass index. This will let the doctor know if you are in a group that is at risk of conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

They will also record your blood pressure, allowing them to ensure you fall within safe areas for your age group. The doctor may also take blood tests to check for any number of potential conditions, including diabetes and, kidney disease or the risk of stroke.

The doctor may ask you questions about your families health to pinpoint any genetic factors that may be of concern. And they will undoubtedly ask you if you smoke and drink.

These tests will allow the doctor to recommend areas where you can look to improve your health. There are many preventatives measures that might be suggested to you. These might include a change in diet, stopping smoking, or getting more physical activity.

There may be courses or support groups centred around the specific help that you need, which your doctor should be able to recommend.

Mental Health

We often don't think of our mental health when it comes to going to the doctor. We look for concrete symptoms that we can get checked out. But mental conditions are very subtle and hard for us to realise that we have. They can creep upon us, and when they do hit us, they can hit us hard.

If you're struggling with motivation, or feel unhappy more than you feel positive; these may be signs that you are suffering from mild depression.

Many people feel as though they are wasting a doctor's time by getting help from depression. The idea that they should 'pull themselves together' and get over it is something that has been fed to us as a society all of our lives. However, mental health conditions have a massive knock-on to other areas of our lives and health. And, while in the past there may have been a stigma surrounding getting help for mental health conditions, times are changing around this.

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