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How To Cut Down On Alcohol

Many social events centre around alcohol, so if you’re trying to cut back on how much you drink, it can feel almost impossible.

Drinking less is one of the best changes you can make for your health, and for your waistline. You can cut back on the amount of alcohol you drink without having to become a hermit with some easy tips.

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Before you go out somewhere where you know there will be drinking, make a plan before hand. Set a limit, by either only taking a limited amount of cash out with you, or deciding how many drinks you will have. 

Tell your whoever you usually drink with that you’re cutting back for health reasons, so they can hold you accountable, and won’t offer your more drinks. If you explain why it’s important to you, they should be willing to help. 

Think about what you drink when you’re out. Changing the size of your drink is an easy step to reduce how much you drinking over an evening. Order a small instead of a large glass of wine, or swap to half pints instead of pints of beer. Check labels for the ABV, and choose drinks with a lower alcohol strength. 

If you’re out with friends or colleagues, avoid buying drinks in rounds. This means you can be the only person who decides when you have another drink. Just politely explain why if anyone asks you, and don’t end up accidentally drinking more than you had planned to. 

Pace your drinks better. Try and make each drink last longer by slowly sipping it, and wait longer before you go back and buy another. 

Alternate alcoholic drinks with water to stay hydrated throughout the night and avoid the hangover the next morning. Replace some alcoholic drinks with soft drinks. There are now lots more and lots better adult soft drinks available on the market now. Try a few and see what you like, and ask your local bar which options they stock. Mocktails can be just as enjoyable as the alcoholic version. 

Try and have a few alcohol-free days to cut back on the amount you drink. A few days off can make a big difference. You could try adding rules like not drinking at home, only drinking at weekends or only having a drink with dinner instead of drinking in bars. 

To make it easier, you could try and make it into a challenge with purpose. Many charities do sponsored alcohol free months like Stoptober or Dry January. Using a break from alcohol to raise money for a good cause will help you stay on the wagon if you’re wavering and encourage you to keep going. 

If you’re concerned that your drinking has become a real problem, you should always seek professional help from alcohol treatment programs or a healthcare professional. 

Cutting back on alcohol is a great change for your health. You’ll lose weight, sleep better, feel less stressed, have more energy and better skin, and find your mood improves. 

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