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Breaking Free From a Bad Habit Isn’t the End of Your Struggle

Bad habits are some of the most difficult things to break free from. This is because the moment we start to rely on it, it becomes a part of our daily routine and, depending on the bad habit, could even fundamentally change the way we deal with life. For instance, if you’ve got a drinking problem and rely on alcohol as a way to wind down, relax or even deal with your problems, then creating that dependency will wreak havoc on your system and cause health-related issues whenever you do eventually break free from your bad habit.

This is why breaking free from a bad habit isn’t just the end of your struggle. Once you’ve gone cold turkey, the temptation to relapse is far too great and before you know it, you could end up right back at square one. Even smokers admit to trying at least half a dozen times and potentially taking years of their time before they’re able to fully quit. Even then, they might find themselves relying on a cigarette or two just to help them relax when they’re going through a particularly rough situation.

So in this post, we’re going to take a look at some ways to help you avoid relapsing after breaking a bad habit so that you can truly say that you’ve overcome your demons.

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Consider what could trigger your relapses

Bad habits don’t just form on their own. They’re often the result of bad influences or stressful situations that force us to use things like smoking, drinking or even video games as a form of escapism to get away from those negative emotions. While it can be painful to delve into your past to find what could trigger your relapses, it’s vital that you face those problems head-on and look for ways to beat the issue at the source instead of just dealing with the secondary issues that are caused by it.

Find a replacement for your habit to fill in the void

Depending on what the bad habit is, you might be able to find a suitable replacement to keep yourself busy and fill that void. For instance, smokers can consider looking at some of the best vape flavors and use e-cigarettes instead, but if you find yourself looking for a completely different alternative then there are options such as picking up a new hobby or even playing sports to help you keep your mind off of your bad habit.

Reflect on the challenges you’ve overcome to help encourage you to stay clean

One of the most interesting ways to stay free from your bad habit is reminding yourself of the bad times associated with your bad habit. Take some time to look back into the past when you were struggling with withdrawal symptoms when you got negative comments from your peers or even when you found yourself skipping work and lacking motivation whenever you relied on those bad habits. When you reflect on the past and realize just how difficult it was for you when you were under the influence of those bad habits, you’ll understand just how much of a miracle it is to be free from those habits and you’ll try even harder to stay free.

Don’t feel guilty for a relapse

Even if you do relapse and find yourself returning to your old habits, it’s important that you don’t feel guilty or bad for it because it’s completely understandable. Breaking free of a habit is one thing, but staying clean is an entirely different challenge that isn’t simple at all. Between locating the source of the issue and finding a suitable replacement or something to keep your mind off it, there’s a high chance that you could find yourself relapsing in the future. But if you do, just remember that it’s completely normal and that people who attempt to break from habits will typically relapse a handful of times before being completely free from it. This varies from person to person, but the fact is that you shouldn’t beat yourself up for relapsing because it will only make things worse.

Bad habits can affect almost anyone and simply breaking free from them doesn't mean that you’ll never see it again. Relapses can be triggered and if your replacement isn’t good enough, then it might not be enough to completely take your mind off it. Hopefully, this article has shown you a couple of helpful tips to help you finally win the war against your bad habits.

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