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4 Makeup Tips For People That Wear Glasses

A lot of people feel self conscious about wearing glasses but if you just don’t wear them, you could be doing more damage to your eyes, not to mention that you won’t be able to see properly. One of the biggest problems that people have is doing their makeup properly because the glasses can distort the eye area and make it look a little off. The reason that they have this issue is that they’re just doing their eye makeup as they normally would and not accounting for the glasses. Luckily this is easily fixed with these simple makeup tips for people that wear glasses.

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Try Contacts 

Before we get into the specific makeup tips for people that wear glasses, it’s worth mentioning that contact lenses are an option. If you really hate your glasses and you can’t get your makeup right no matter what you try, you could always just switch to contacts instead. You can buy contact lenses online pretty cheap these days and nobody will be able to tell that you’re wearing them. It’s the simplest way to get around the problem of doing your makeup with glasses on without compromising your eyesight. But you should always remember that glasses can look great as long as you pick the right frames and you know how to style them properly so, even though contacts are an option, you shouldn’t throw the glasses out just yet. 

Choose The Right Frame Color 

The frame color that you choose has a big effect so make sure that you consider it carefully. If you want to define your eyes and make them appear larger, choosing a black or navy frame will have a similar effect to a strong eyeliner. It’s also good if you’ve got some wrinkles appearing around the eyes. Softer colors like a light gray or tan work in the same way as contouring makeup to accent the cheekbones and slim the face. Bolder colors like pink or red will brighten the face, much like a blusher does, but you do need to be careful because they can overpower things. 

Consider Frame Size 

The frame size is very important when choosing your makeup. If you have a large frame, you’re giving yourself a big canvas to work with and you can go big with your eye makeup. However, if the frames are small, heavy eye makeup will make it look overcrowded and messy so you’ll be better off with something simpler. Always think about the frame size when choosing your makeup style and make sure they fit together. 

Emphasize Your Brows 

Your glasses are framing your eyes but it’s important that your brows also frame the glasses, that’s why it’s important that you emphasize the brow more than you ordinarily would. Try to brush them upwards and leave a little extra length when you trim them. Then use a thicker brow pencil to fill in any gaps. 

Getting your makeup right can be tough when you wear glasses but if you follow these basic rules, you can still look great in your glasses. 

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