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Healthy Activities To Help You To Wind Down After A Hard Day

For many of us, stress is a daily reality. Our ability to deal with that stress without it impinging on our physical and psychological well being is arguably one of the biggest health and lifestyle challenges of our times. Many of us are working harder and for longer hours than ever before. While, for previous generations, it was perfectly viable for one parent to manage the household while the other brought home the proverbial bacon, almost half of all households in the US today, by necessity, have 2 working parents.


Winding down in healthy ways

While this blog may have the word “tipsy” in its name, it goes without saying that responsibility is an important consideration for all who drink. Many of us, from construction workers to high profile politicians like the UK’s Diane Abbott can find themselves finding solace in a drink after a long, hard day. However, the reality is that living this way is rarely sustainable. If you want to take greater care of your body it’s up to you to rethink your lifestyle and find healthier ways to let off steam…

Hit the gym

While it may seem counter intuitive, subjecting your body to the physical stress of exercise can actually help to relieve the psychological stress of work, money and family. Regular exercise eases production of the body’s stress hormones like Cortisol while also flooding the brain with endorphins. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to push weights, pound the treadmill or punch the hell out of a bag, gym trumps gin every time when it comes to finding a healthy way to reduce stress.

Watch some comedy

It’s true what they say, laughter really is the best medicine. Or at least it can be. Laughter is not just a natural mood booster, it can even help to release tension in your muscles, boost your immune system and lower your body’s stress response.

Thus, those with stressful jobs and lifestyles should be sure to watch plenty of comedy. Whether your mood booster of choice is live stand up or beloved sitcoms, laughter should be a prominent part of your cultural diet.

Try yoga

All exercise has stress relieving benefits but yoga combines physical exercise with meditation to create a unity of the body and the mind. The beauty of yoga is that once you’ve learned a few poses you can do it anywhere completely free of charge. Outside of a yoga mat and possibly a couple of blocks it requires very little investment and you can even find great tutorials on YouTube.

Get intimate

Finally, while stress and anxiety can cause us to get short and irritable with those closest to us, intimacy can be one of nature’s most effective forms of stress relief. Sex, kissing, touching or even just hugging it out can help prevent the stress of the day from eroding your relationship.

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