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The Ring Written By Trina Morgan

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I felt the need to write a poem. It's not formatted right, but it is raw and from the heart. For those who are married or separated I hope you get this poem about "The Ring". It symbolizes eternal love, faithfulness and loyalty. #pleaseshareJesusisincontrol
1 Corinthians Chapter 17 Verse 10 & 11
10- To the married I give this command (not I, but the Lord): A wife must not separate from her husband.
11 But if she does, she must remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband. And a husband must not divorce his wife.

The Ring- Written By Trina Morgan
I was once alone with other rings waiting in my little comfortable case.
Silver, shining, round and new waiting for someone's embrace.
The day you showed up and looked at me with excitement in your eyes and I know you wanted me.
You took me into your right hand to try me on, on your left hand on the forth finger and I was an excellent fit!
The way I felt on your finger I knew this was it!
The fact you found me a partner so I wouldn't be alone anymore
I wondered what would the future hold for us in store.
Even though he was not on your hand with me, but on the hand of the one you loved.I felt his shining presence.
That day you bought us and took us with you, I felt a sense of happiness and freedom.
So my mate and I sat comfortably side by side until the day we could be placed permanently on you and your love fingers.
You would check on me everyday admiring my beautiful shine
You were so gentle and kind.
You would even try me on just to adore me more waiting on that day to come. When you were finished admiring me you would place me back in my case so lovingly.
The day comes when it's time to be placed on your finger and my mate placed on your loves finger. You both placed us and we both felt complete.
The two of us you and me are a pair in heaven.
Our anniversary is coming up, it's April 27th.
But after years of happiness, arguments, breakups and makeups
We are now alone together. You look at me now with sadness in your eyes. I feel your sadness because I lost my love to, where is he? Do he still love me? We must be strong even though it's hard sometimes. I know you will never take me off even though our loves are no where to be found.
Even though my shine has dulled a bit, you still love and admire me, even with sadness.
We still honor our vows even though we are alone
I'll still embrace your finger I am your backbone.
Let's wait on the Lord okay? to fix what was broken
You've prayed and spoken
Now let's wait on the Lord
And in the end he will give you your reward.

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Unknown said...

I am so sorry for your pain. Praying for you now in this. Visiting you from the fancy friday link up.

Tipsy Heelz said...

Thank you so much Allie, I really appreciate your prayers. Thank you so much for stopping by :)

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