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Makeup Therapy & Depression

Makeup has always been my go to when I need a bit of confidence boost. Lately under circumstance I've been wearing makeup a lot to feel better. I'm still grieving over my husband saying he was done with me and just left out my life. I'm trying my best to pick up the pieces and do Trina!, but sometimes it's hard. I was diagnosed with Major Depression and Pstd and I hate the fact that I have deal with such an illness, thinking of things over and over again so I try to at least keep busy by beautifying myself up.

 Depression is real and some people may say shrug it off and that's not easy. I mostly isolated in my apartment because I don't  have a car, Which the mechanic no longer responds about my car and I have tooken steps to handle that situation. When I did have my car it helped a bit when I had episodes and I would take a long car ride in town to ease my mind. Those rides made me feel refreshed and clear minded. I will be getting the help I need with a doctor that is by my side and try and pick myself up and get my confidence back.

As of last night I decided to do a pretty, colorful eyeshadow look. I'm getting pretty good at blending. Purple, Pink & Baby Blue with black lips. I kinda look like a Bratz Doll lol! I used several colors from different palettes. I used the Pink from the NYX petite palette from Ulta. The shades are pretty good and buildable. I used a nice eye primer also.

Nyx Professional Makeup Ultimate Edit Petite Shadow Palette - Phoenix • NYX • $7
Nyx Professional Makeup Ultimate Edit Petite Shadow Palette - Brights • NYX • $4.90
I can still use help with my Gofund to stay another month until I find a cheaper place to live

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