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Gigi's Faucet of Drip Jewelry

Gigi's Faucet Of Drip

Good morning all! I hope your day is blessed beyond all measure. Recently while on Facebook as I'm usually am I was scrolling looking at friends news feeds I came upon a Facebook live where this beautiful, energetic woman was sitting next to her husband talking about something. I knew her husband from High School many  years ago. He was a very popular and talented young man, could sing his butt of lol! Anyway I was so curious as to what they were saying, so I clicked to unmute the volume and as I watched them she was talking about jewelry and showing this beautiful jewelry. I stayed the whole live session because she had such an awesome, positive vibe about her.

She was showcasing jewelry and what was so unique about it is she held up numbers to go with that particular jewelry. She called it Drip! and I watched as her viewers picked the numbers to the jewelry they wanted to buy. I remember the next time she had a live and I jumped in to say hi. I just had to get me a necklace set, Which was $5 and I tell you I love that necklace with earrings. So after the show she messaged me details on how to get my necklace and earrings. Since she lives in the same town I lived in I asked could she deliver it to me and without a doubt she did. She has that same positive vibe in person and I thanked her. Now her jewelry is nickle and lead free and that necklace shined like the sun and had some weight to it. Loves!

Here is her Bio to know more about how she started. It's awesome to see women of color get up and start their own businesses. The empowerment of all women coming together as a community to lift each other up.


My name is Regina Renee Rhone Roberson. I am a mother of two and married to my best friend William. One day I was feeling very down and very out and one of my friends called me and said I’m going to stop by your house and show you something. When she got here she showed me some pretty jewelry that cost $5. She told me how she got into the business and as she was speaking to me, God was speaking to me too. From that day on it was all I thought about. How can I come up with the $99? What would I call my business? How would I be able to do this and work my full-time job plus go to school? Would I even really like it? All of those questions were answered in no time.

 Paparazzi Accessories has changed my life. Literally changed my life. I have often struggled with paying my bills, being able to put gas in my car, and even groceries in the fridge. I have only been selling Paparazzi Accessories for a month and my fridge is full, there’s gas in my car, and my bills are paid. I would tell anyone that is looking to make extra money while having fun and love jewelry, to definitely think about joining Paparazzi Accessories. You get your own website for free. You get to have your own business page on Facebook and you get to come up with your own business name and sell through Facebook lives. There is a Sisterhood with Paparazzi Accessories that cannot be explained. Your Papa sisters give you advice and they keep you grounded.

 They never let you look or feel alone. The support is amazing. I’m so glad I chose to be a Paparazzi Independent Consultant in this time of my life. My business name is Gigi's Faucet of Drip. By the grace of God I have been selling jewelry every single day. I also have a business partner now and I am looking forward to even more business partners in the future. My expectations are to go to the top and joining the ranks of the other six figure women in this company. Come Over to the Pink Side! Yass Huntie!

Thank you Gigi for letting me write about you and your business it was a pleasure. You can find her on Facebook doing her lives and posting after photos about her supportive family, friends and customers.

Me wearing her Drip

Drip #8

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