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Common Travel Disasters and How to Avoid Them

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Everyone hopes to have a safe journey when they are traveling, but sometimes things happen that you will have no control over. All you can do is try to reduce the risk of something happening to you, but no one can ever guarantee that it won’t.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can cause more damage and harm than most other things. If you happen to be in an area when a tsunami occurs, for instance, there is not a lot you can do to avoid it. You have to stay as calm as possible, try to move away from the area and then wait to find out what the local authorities want you to do next. Try to let your friends and family know that you are OK, as all they will know is what they have seen on the news and they will be very worried until they hear from you.

Illnesses And Injuries

Often, travelers will suffer from a bit of an upset tummy because of a change of water or a food that does not suit themb which can ruin their day at the beach. This usually passes in a day or two and then they are ok. But what happens if you get a much more serious illness or you are injured in an accident? Hopefully, you will have purchased travel insurance before you set off, as there are some countries that will not treat you without it, or unless you have the funds to pay the medical bills.

It could even be that you need to be transported home for effective treatment and to be near your family. This is where Air Evac International can help. They are a specialist air ambulance service that can provide top quality care until they have got you to a hospital nearer your home.

To try and avoid illnesses and accidents while you are traveling, drink bottled water and be very aware of what is going on around you. Traffic in some countries, for instance, is not as regulated as strictly as in the US and you should never assume that it will stop to let you cross a road, even if you are on a pedestrian crossing.

Losing Luggage

Luggage gets lost on flights all the time. Sometimes it is put on the wrong plane and other times it is left at the airport. Airlines will do their best to find your luggage if it gets lost but this can take a few days. The only way to avoid losing your luggage is not to take any with you. If you are traveling for just a few days, use a travel bag you can keep with you, and pack light.

If you must take luggage that should go in the hold, carry some essentials with you. At least one change of clothing, underwear, and medication can all be very useful if your luggage is mislaid.

Political Unrest

If there is political unrest in a country you are intending to visit, most times the government will put out a warning to avoid it, and you should take notice of what they are saying.

If it starts after you have arrived, keep well clear of any demonstrations or gatherings of people, to make sure you do not get caught up in it.

There are only so many precautions you can take when you are preparing to travel, and as long as you do want you can, hopefully, your journey will be uneventful.

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passion fruit, paws and peonies said...

It seems as if there is unrest all over these days - weather wise and politically. Great tips xx Maria

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