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Easy to Wear Jewelry For Everyday


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Any outfit can really take off with the right accessories. A little shine or touch of color makes all the difference and is an easy way to turn a boring white tee into the backdrop for something special. 

However, when you are on a strict budget and looking for what is essentially a capsule jewelry box to go with your capsule wardrobe, picking out the jewelry worth your money can be a bit more of a challenge. Let’s break it down. 


A simple chain is an essential for any jewelry box as you can add pendants or charms as you wish. This gives you a huge range of options that won’t cost a fortune and you can wear the chain on its own as a simple day to day accessory. Learn more here.

Statement necklaces are good fun but are a little trickier to buy mainly because fashion changes so rapidly! However, you can still own a few statement necklaces that rise above fast-paced trends if you follow a couple of basic rules. Make sure that your statement piece complements you and your outfit, wear with simple clothes and enjoy yourself! 


Stud earrings are by far the easiest jewelry to wear as they are often unobtrusive and, if you go for diamonds, will pretty much match anything. The other advantage is that studs aren’t likely to catch on anything so you can go about your day without constantly worrying about your ears! 

A pair of small hoops can also work wonders with most outfits. However, if you are a dedicated follower of fashion, you will have noticed that not-so-basic hoops are now on every catwalk. From filled in designs to alternative shapes and huge designs, these hoops are doing a lot more. Other current trends are for organic shapes such as corals and flowers - the bigger the better! 


Rings are always lovely to wear and they have been at the heart of jewelry fashion for a few years now. Stacking smaller rings and wearing midi rings can quickly change the look of your hands and bring you instant fashion credit. While thin rings and matching metals are the most popular way to wear this style, don’t be afraid to do your own thing with larger statement pieces. 

Having a few rings of different colors and styles is a good way to mix and match. While some outfits are strictly complementary, if you want to see a color really pop, go for contrasting colors. Though most people tend to go for one metal type with all their accessories, don’t be afraid to bend the rules. There’s no real reason why you shouldn’t combine your accessories as you please. 

However you like to wear your jewelry, the basic rule of buying is always to look for the pieces that will last. Spending a little more on some studs you wear every day or a special necklace that goes with everything is a good investment. But do add a few cheaper quirky fashion pieces to play with too! 

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