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Creative Colorful Eye Shadow

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Good morning lovelies! I know I haven' made a personal post in a while. Today's post is about eye shadow, Which I love so much. I like the fact that you can blend so many colors together to make a beautiful canvas for your eyes. I used several palettes to achieve this pretty look such as my Revolution Reloaded Iconic Newtrals 2 , Urban Decay Hard Rock eyeshadow and another one. For myself doing technical eye looks just didn't turn out so well so I gave it another try. I'm so happy that I got this look down pretty good. I went in search of some colorful looks and found it on Pinterest.

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Pretty much came very close to the picture. I weent in search of more makeup and found this cool site for busy moms called "Mommy Makeup". The lady that's the creator of these cosmetics made it for moms on the go, but not so busy  moms can also use her makeup. I found and bought this awesome concealer called Mommy's Little Helper in Good Night. It can be used for flaw cover up and as an eye shadow primer. I haven't used it as a primer yet, but It's awesome at covering up dark spots. It smell wonderful.


Mommy Makeup

I will be creating a Valentine's Day look soon and will try the concealer as a primer. Also you can join her perks program that is totally free

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I love your makeup! everything looks good on you.

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