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Dramactic Rainbow Eye Shadow Look

Dramatic Rainbow

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Lately I've been laying in my makeup and experimenting with it also to come up with different looks. Makeup has always been a part of my life since I was a id watching my mom put it on. It's such an art of expression for people who really love it. I'm 43 years old and you probably will not find many older women dabbing in vibrant eye shadow colors, heck I still sometimes feel like I'm a teenager sometimes lol!. I'm a stay at home wife with a disability and I have to keep myself busy, so I play in my makeup, take pictures of my looks and post away for family and friends to see.

Eyeshadow Eyes
I just started a personal page on my looks and more to come called EyeShadow Eyez Oh My! so please come check it out. I'll soon be doing more with the page as it grows, such as live makeover and sharing new and upcoming makeup and such. As usual for my looks I practically use the same palettes to achieve my eye looks. The NYX Avant Pop Palette is my most favorite because it's so pigmented, especially when I use my liquid concealer by Covergirl. I know it's used to conceal blemishes, but It's also great as a primer to make eye shadows pop even more. So Tuesday I did a live with my sister from another mother and it was so fun chatting a bit and listening to music.

Orange and Yellow

Watch Makeover live from home with Amanda & Trina from shelovesmakeup on www.twitch.tv
You can skip to 7:25 when we start doing our makeup. I really enjoy makeup time with Amanda because it gives us time to bond since she moved away from Texas years ago. Anyway I had a blast even though we didn't get but one or two viewers watching us.

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