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The Worries And Woes Of A Workplace Injury

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Whether your job is physically demanding or not, whether you use heavy or dangerous equipment or not, every workplace has the capacity to cause you a work-related injury. Of course, your employer has a responsibility to ensure that the risk of injury in the workplace is limited as much as possible. This is done by enforcing strict health and safety protocols,  carrying out employee training, posting safety notices and ensuring that employees are given the proper safety gear. This can be anything from hard hats to a chair that’s adjustable for proper lumbar support. However, there may be instances where the system fails, where there is a lack of proper oversight or where the health and safety provisions are inadequate. It is for these reasons that employers tend to have group disability insurance.

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However, when you are injured at work, this may lead to a wide range of worries and woes. You may not know what to do straight away or who to turn to. While some employers will offer you their support in doing this, others may not. Here are some pointers on how to navigate a workplace injury and get the support you need so that you can move on from this unfortunate incident and regain your self-confidence

Know the procedure

When you are injured at work, knowing the correct way to deal with the situation is of paramount importance. Needless to say your first port of call should be to seek first aid from a qualified provider in your workplace. If there is nobody available to treat you on-site you may need to be taken to a hospital or medical care provider. Your care must be provided by a recognized member of the Worker’s Compensation Board if you wish to submit a claim later (more on that shortly). You must notify your supervisor or manager of the incident within 30 days of its occurrence. This is essential in validating...

Your disability insurance claim

If your injury prevents you from being able to do your job on a long term basis, you will need to fill out a group disability insurance claim. Just because your employer offers this does not necessarily mean that they will support your claim or appeal on your behalf if your claim is rejected. It is for this reason that you’re much better off hiring a lawyer to aid you in the process.

Applying for workers’ comp

Not many people know that you can apply for disability insurance and worker’s comp. While both need certain conditions to be satisfied for a claim to be valid, it is a good idea to apply for both. In some cases one may be appropriate but not the other. To apply for workers’ comp, you must next complete a Form C-3 and sent it to your nearest Workers' Compensation Board office  within two years of the date of the injury.

Taking care of yourself

Finally, while you wait for your claim/s to be processed your primary concern should be taking care of yourself. Stay positive, surround yourself with people who will love and support you. Eat healthily and try to stay as active as your injury will allow to keep your mood stable and prevent you from falling into a depressed state. 

With the right help and support you can take huge steps toward mitigating the damage caused by a workplace injury. 

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