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Eyeshdaow Is Awesome!

Purple makeup look

Good morning all! Recently I've been on a eyeshadow look rampage lol!. Pinterest have been my go to for colorful eyeshadow inspiration. This look I used several palettes to achieve pops of color.

I used Hardcandy's Aphrodisiac for the Yellow color. Now this palette is really pigmented when you use an eye primer and pack it on for a more vibrant look. I got this collection at Walmart and they are selling it for the price between $5.71-$6.00.

This eye look is one of my favorites because the colors together are gorgeous! Pretty much Yellows, Pink and Orange. The Pink came from another little cheap palette. I added my lashes for volume and Pink lipstick.

This look consist of mainly Purple with Blue. I love how Caribbean it look. Purple lipstick to set this look in place. I got cool amounts of compliments about it.

This look is like a Grunge. Red and Orange with Red matte lips to set it. I pretty much used some of the same palettes to come up with these cute looks.

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