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Moving Your Parents Into Assisted Living: Common Anxieties And How To Overcome Them

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We are the sum total of our experiences. Each and every person we’ve met on our life’s journey has (for better or for worse) shaped us into who we are today. Every teacher who took the time to explain trigonometry to us one more time, every boss who allocated the funding to put you on a training course, every friend who shared the beauty hacks to boost your self esteem and every bully in the worlds of school or work who tested your mettle… Each of them helped you become who you are and accomplish the things that you’re most proud of. However, without your parents, none of it could be possible. You owe your parents everything, and know that they made a lot of personal sacrifices to give you the best possible start in life. Thus, when they are no longer able to look after themselves, it can be a source of great upset and anxiety for us.

There are some for whom home care is an option but when your parents need residential care in an assisted living facility it can dredge up a whole host of worries. As with most things, it’s best to grab the bull by the horns and face these anxieties head on to find a solution. Here we’ll look at some of the most common and help you find ways to do exactly that…

What if Mom / Dad doesn’t want to move

Emotion can blind us to what’s in our best interests and the idea of moving out of the home in which we’ve spent a lifetime making memories can be devastating to the best of us. Your parents may exhibit anger, resentment and a stubborn unwillingness to get the care that they need.

It’s important to recognize that this is not directed at you but at the situation. Calmly explain why it’s in their best interests. Show them some brochures or visit McKnight Place online. Let them see the quality of care and overall experience that they’ll enjoy and they may be much more amenable.

What if my parents are subject to elder abuse?

We want our elderly to be treated with the respect that they deserve and when cases of elder abuse come into the public eye it rightly causes us anger and disgust. But while 1 in 10 Americans over 60 experience some form of elder abuse it’s less likely to be at the hands of a professional. In 60% of elder abuse and neglect cases the perpetrator is a family member. While this might be an upsetting statistic it demonstrates that with a little due diligence on the care home in question you can insulate your parents from the risk of elder abuse.

How will we afford it?

Of course, quality residential care doesn’t come cheap and even working together as a family it can be hard to find affordable solutions. Fortunately even if Medicaid is not an option there are a range of options available, leveraging the family home against the cost of residential care from selling or renting out the property to using a reverse mortgage to free up some equity.

Knowing that you’re doing the right thing by your parents and helping them to live easier, happier lives will enable you to make the right decision with a clear conscience.

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