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How To Achieve A Photogenic Smile

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Embarrassed by the way your smile looks in photos? Whether it’s the way you pull the expression or the condition of your teeth that makes you embarrassed, here are some ways in which you can improve your smile and feel more confident.

Practice with selfies

If it’s the way you smile that you have an issue with, a simple way of working on your expression could be to practice taking selfies. Try to find your best angle so that you know how to pose when taking photos - most people feel that their smile looks better from a certain angle.

Wear the right lipstick

Lipstick can help to accentuate your smile. The right color could help to contrast your skin tone, bring out your natural eye color or even make your teeth appear whiter. Generally speaking, if you want your teeth to appear less yellow, you’re best not using lipstick with orange hues in. Lipstick with more bluish tones can help to make your teeth appear whiter by contrasting any yellowness.

Try different whitening methods

If it’s the color of your teeth that making you embarrassed to smile, you could always try out a few whitening methods to help make your teeth brighter. There are a number of diy teeth whitening kits on the market that contain specialist toothpastes and whitening strips. These products use ingredients such as activated charcoal and hydrogen peroxide which can help to get rid of plaque and stains more effectively than regular toothpastes. You can even try methods such as oil pulling - this involves swishing an organic oil such as coconut oil around the mouth for twenty minutes, which can help to pick up plaque and make your teeth cleaner. On top of this, you can chew whitening gum throughout the day which can help to keep your mouth clean between meals and further get rid of stains.

Call up the professionals

If you’re prepared to invest some money into your teeth, you could always try a professional procedure such as laser teeth whitening to brighten your teeth. This could bring you a pride in your smile and make you feel more photogenic. Meanwhile, if you’ve got wonky or uneven teeth, you could always try braces. There are now options such as invisalign braces which are placed behind the teeth so that no-one has to know you’re wearing braces - perfect if you’re an adult.

Keep it natural

The best smiles are natural. People tend to smile with their eyes as well as their mouth - if your eyes don’t look happy it could be a reason as to why your smile doesn’t look right. Avoid an overly fake grin by thinking happy thoughts as you smile for a photo.

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