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Fit And Healthy: Staying Safe And Injury-Free When Getting In Shape


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Exercise has all manner of benefits for your body and mind, but often, there are risks and dangers involved. If you’re on a mission to get fit and boost your health and happiness, here are some essential safety tips to bear in mind. 

Use the right equipment
If you’re participating in sports or hitting the gym, make sure you have access to the right equipment. If you’re cycling, for example, you’ll need a helmet and some high-visibility clothing. If you’re playing hockey, you’ll need a gum shield. If you’re taking up golf, you’ll need sturdy, comfortable shoes. If you’re doing boxing training, you’ll need gloves and suitable footwear. If you haven’t got the right kit, you may find that you’re at greater risk of injury. If you’re starting classes or joining a club, it’s a good idea to call ahead and see what you need. You may find that you can hire kit to begin with. 

Find a safe environment
You often hear people saying that you can exercise anywhere, but often, there’s a time and place for certain sports. Cycling is a prime example. If you’re trying to get fit, rather than just using a bike to get from A to B, it’s best to avoid busy urban roads and lower the risk of accidents by cycling in parks, national parks or quieter country lanes. Bikes are often difficult to spot, and this can increase the risk of accidents. Although you have a right to visit sites like and find out more about making a claim if you get hit by a negligent driver, prevention is always better than cure. Whatever activity you choose, it’s always beneficial to find a safe environment that is geared towards that sport. 

Always warm up before you work out
If you’re on a fitness drive, it may be tempting to dive right in, but never start a workout without warming up first. The warm-up is designed to get the heart pumping and increase oxygen flow to your muscles. If you neglect this part of the session, you run the risk of injuries like pulled muscles and soft tissue tears. You should also take time to cool down and stretch out afterwards to prevent lactic acid build-up. For useful warm-up tips, check out

Use the correct technique
Whether you’re lifting weights in the gym, you’re throwing the javelin at an athletics track or you’re doing yoga classes, it’s essential to hone your technique. If you’re doing repeated movements, and you haven’t quite mastered the technique, this can increase pressure on the muscles and cause injuries and pain. If you’re new to a sport, or you’ve never been to the gym before, it’s wise to organize an induction or some taster sessions. 


The last thing you want when you have good intentions to improve your health and fitness is an injury. Whether you’re in the gym or you’re out on the roads or on a track or a court, it’s vital to bear health and safety in mind. Hopefully, these tips will help you achieve your goals while steering clear of trouble. 

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