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Could Working With Beauty Companies Really Half The Cost Of Your Makeup Bag?


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Makeup. Love it or hate it, it’s a pretty staple feature in most women’s lives. While many ladies out there are shirking the makeup-based idea of femininity, after all why should we endorse stereotypes, we like hobbies such as playing jackpot games just as much as men do. Despite this, more and more of us are still buying into the trend. In fact, as can be seen on sites like, the average woman spends around $15,000 on this cause in their lifetimes.

 That’s a whole load of money. It would certainly buy you a decent car or form a hefty basis for a down payment on a house. And, it’s unlikely anyone would spend that much on their quest for beauty in one hit. But, the odd $10 here or there soon adds up. And, of course, finding the right beauty product is a quest of trial and error. As such, half of those products will go straight in the bin when they don’t provide what they promise.

 In a world where we’re all strapped for cash, it would be fair to say this is a problem. Most families can’t afford $15.000 for the quest of looking good. And, the knowledge of these high rates may leave you questioning whether you can justify buying beauty products ever again. It’s a catch 22 situation, and a difficult decision all around. But, we’re here with a solution which could see you keeping on top of beauty without spending a penny.

 We are, of course, talking about the possibility of working with beauty companies. Getting stuck in here stands to more than half the amount you spend on makeup in your lifetime. Given that $7,500 is a much more reasonable lifetime expense than the above figure, that’s a goal worth working towards.

 Of course, not just any old body can contact Rimmel and expect a response. It’s certainly unlikely you would save any money that way without laying foundations. But, it is possible you already have something with qualifies you to reach out to the big guys. In the modern age, the majority of us have some form of online presence. Twitter is a common social platform for building an audience, and it has a lot of marketing sway for brands. If you focus your Twitter feed around advertising, you can bet brands will be pretty interested. And, of course, many of us also now branch into the blogging world. This is a fantastic in-point when it comes to contacting companies. In fact, bloggers and brands now have increasingly involved work relationships. All you need to do to make that work for you is to implement the pointers from sites like

 But, we know what you’re thinking; how could working with beauty brands possibly save me such large amounts of money? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Check out tips on how to How To Organize Your Makeup Bag
 Brand work means free stuff

When working with a beauty brand, especially when you have a blog or YouTube channel, you can bet you’ll get sent a fair amount of free stuff. This is how publicity works now. Brands send their latest releases free to reviewers. Reviewers then speak about those products to their followers. Thus, the marketing circle is complete. If your following is small at it stands, you may well struggle to get a foot in here. It isn’t worth a company’s while to send products where they won’t see a return. But, if you work on building that audience, you could soon find that beauty brands reach out and ask if you’d like to do some reviews for them. And, once you’re on their books, the chances are this will soon become an ongoing arrangement. Even if no companies contact you, a following of over 5,000 should ensure your success when sending out a few introductory emails. If your platform takes off, you could well end up with enough beauty products in stock to keep you going for the rest of your life. Remember that means saving yourself nearly $15,000 in total. We’d say that’s an effort worth making, wouldn’t you?

Brands provide monetary opportunities

Of course, free beauty products aren’t the only benefit of getting cozy with top beauty brands. Connections in the right places could also see you seeking monetary opportunities here. If you do have a blog or other platform, most beauty companies will be willing to provide an affiliate link. This informs the brand every time they gain a sale thanks to you, and they then give you some pocket money in return. If you have a large enough audience, the payment you get from this should more than cover any money you spend on makeup in the future. And, that saves you having to dip into your hard earned cash for the cause.

As can be seen from sites like, most beauty brands also offer the chance to become a distributor for their products. If you already have an audience to sell to, this can seem a lot like a no-brainer. Depending on how much effort you put in, this could see you more than covering your makeup costs.

Merchant’s discounts

It’s also worth noting that the majority of brands will offer hefty discounts for those they work with. This applies to both the distributors and reviewers out there. Hence, even with those free products, you could cut your makeup costs further. Given how valuable this marketing is for most beauty companies, it’s not unusual to see discounts of up to 50%. Even better, you have no obligation to speak about the products you buy with your personal money. This is just a perk of the trade if you will. In a way, it’s like thanks for the work you’ve done. If you love a product enough to tell your audience about it, then great. But, you won’t have to worry about disgruntled brands contacting you for not doing so. Instead, you can stock your collection for cheap, no strings attached.

A better knowledge of the products out there

Remember when we spoke about the number of products many of us buy and then throw away? Well, it’s time to address that. Exaggerated claims are part and parcel of the beauty industry.  How else can companies ensure we buy their products? But, when you get a foot in that door, you can do away with the risk here altogether. Why? Because you’re up close and personal on the other side. You don’t need to take chances on untested product claims anymore. Instead, you’ll get advance catalogues and tester products before items hit the market. That means you can learn everything there is to know about a product from the very start. If the real thing doesn’t live up to the claims, you’ll be one of the first to know about it. The company in question will likely send you a few facts and figures along the way, too. By looking at these, you’ll be able to see how the company has reached their conclusions, and whether they’re wrong. One thing’s sure; the words ‘dermatologically tested’ may soon take on a whole new meaning for you.

In a more general sense, working with brands like this will help you spot good products straight away. Over time, you’ll come to know which claims you can or can’t take seriously. You’ll learn the lingo, and become a much harsher judge of the results. You’ll come accustomed to which survey results you can believe, and which you can’t. And, of course, you’ll likely receive at least a sample of new products in the post. Hence, you never need risk $20 on a new face cream again. Not only does this save you money, but it saves you wasting money. And, you can’t say fairer than that!

A final word

There’s no denying that nothing in this life comes for free. Working with brands, in whatever format you choose, does require a fair amount of effort. You can bet a brand will refuse to continue this relationship if they don’t feel it’s a two-way street. But, if you broke this down into the amount you save, this is a job with a pretty good hourly rate. As such, it’s one well worth applying for. Before you go, then, consider the following ways you can ensure you get the job.

Build your audience. As mentioned above, brands won’t look twice at an influencer with no audience. What would be the benefit? Before reaching out then, work on building your audience. You can do this in various ways, including publicity and producing good content. A decent title doesn’t hurt, either.

Find out who you need to contact. Brands have publicity departments for a reason. If you’re reaching out, make sure you find the name of the person who takes care of that. Otherwise, you won’t get anywhere.

Remain professional. Above all, remember that this is a form of paid work. As such, you need to stay professional. That means using formal language in emails and always upholding agreements. Trust us; your bank balance and your makeup collection will thank you for it.

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