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White Dresses Never Get Old

White Dress

It's been a long time since I've worn my White lace dress. The last time I wore it was Mother's Day and a wedding. Today I just decided to wear it again since I haven't did a fashion post on myself for a while. I totally look different in this dress since I've lost weight and I think I'm glowing. "White Dresses Never Get Old" because it goes with literally any color and to mention it's great for this hot Texas weather. I added on my Blue necklace I got for free at a free garage sale from a church and added my revamped wedding heels. I don't have anywhere to go today, so hey a girl is entitled to look pretty and no place to go. This dress I bought from Rainbowshops for $14.99 but it's currently not available right now.


Rainbow used to be my favorite online shopping, but since they never answer their emails I sent a while back about an order it has because my least shopping spot. I think they have very pretty, affordable clothing but customer service sucks.  As of right now I haven't really found another shop site because I'm trying to get this weight down and there's no use in getting anymore clothing until I get to where I want to be.

Cute heels to think about

White Dress


Have a great weekend ya'll !

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