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Use Honey To Beautify Your Skin πŸ’†


Yes I love honey! Why? because it has so many healing properties. One reason it's great for aging skin such as mine, it slows down the aging process and give you a clean youthful look.  What I do is I apply it just the way it is, It'll be sticky, but I don't mind that. I pour a bit on my finger tips and use circular motions to get it good into my skin then let set for about 20 to 30 minutes. Wash my face with warm water then cold water. Some people like to wet the face first for an easy application but me I go full commando lol! As you can see my skin is oily in the before photo and the after look how glowy and smooth my skin looks!

before After


Honey is also good for spot treating acne. If you have pimples dab a bit over each pimple, you can sleep with the treatment overnight and wake to less stressed skin, it is naturally antibacterial to heal and sooth. Honey is my go to for my skin when I want that soft, healthy look. Make sure you get 100% honey and also organic for the best benefits. Use every week to lighten and brighten your skin.

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