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The Ultimate Guide To Purposeful Pampering


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While you might love the idea of heading off on an exclusive spa weekend full of pampering, beautification, and relaxation, real life inevitably gets in the way. If you have a particularly stressful job, an overbearing boss and you’re working all hours under the sun, then the chances are that you need some respite but simply don’t have the time to take it. This Catch 22 can lead to a vicious circle having a damaging impact on our physical health and mental well being. Instead, you should be focusing on your welfare and happiness. This is why you should be implementing a regime of purposeful pampering allowing you to utilize your free time in the most beneficial way
for your health. Take a look at this ultimate guide to purposeful pampering.

Treat Yourself

It’s important to treat yourself regularly. Having a routine and knowing that you can look forward to your monthly pampering session gives you a focus when your boss is demanding that you meet and unreasonable deadline. Instead of becoming stressed and getting bogged down in that presentation you have to prepare, you can think about taking a jaunt to the local salon to look at the hair specials on offer. A wash and blow dry complete with a new style for your luscious locks can lead to a boost in your self esteem. Your confidence will grow, you will feel happier in your own skin, and you’ll enjoy thanking your pals and colleagues for their compliments on your new hairstyle.

Your Body

Instead of partaking in a full body mud scrub, a reiki head massage or the healing crystals session, you need to consider which treatments will be most beneficial to you. If you are on your feet all day, you should consider a full blown pedicure complete with aromatherapy oils and skin scrub. If you find that you face struggles with the rigors of inner-city polluted air, consider opting for a cleansing face wash, mask and vitamin and mineral loaded mask to rejuvenate your skin. By concentrating on what your body needs, you can keep it in tip top condition while enjoying a pampering session or two.


Your Home Environment

If you are planning on enjoying a face mask or two at home, you need to make sure that your humble abode is conducive to relaxation. You need a haven of tranquility to ensure you reap the physical and mental rewards from your beautification plans. Clean your bathroom, scrub the tiles and polish the taps. Run yourself a bubble bath, take a long hot soak in the tub and enjoy breathing in the intoxicating scents of a candle or two. Dim the lights and listen to some of your favorite
 soothing melodies to de-stress and relax. Ensure you have a soft towel or silk robe, enjoy choosing your creams, lotions, and potions and switch off your smartphone. It’s vital that you make your home and pampering sanctuary. Purposeful pampering means enjoying a spot of relaxation in a more meaningful way. Why not follow this guide and enjoy your own purposeful pampering session.

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