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Sick Of Dressing Up? Dress Down!

Dress Down

Dressing up is rubbish. Well, it’s not always that way, sometimes it can make us feel like the most glamorous person in the world, and we just need that in our lives sometimes. But, it’s a lot of effort to look your best every single day, and that’s why we think you need to dress down sometimes. You don’t need to go all out causal, you can still make it stylish. Dressing down is in fashion at the minute, and we think we know a few different ways that you can do just that. Whether you’re planning on staying around the house, or whether you’re planning on keeping it casual for a shopping trip, we know what you’re going to love!

Dressing Down Around The Home

Dressing down around the home is the best kind of way to dress down. You don’t have to worry about what anyone is thinking, and after a long hard day of being in the office, something like this is really welcomed. So, think about what you find most comfy here, because the world really is your oyster. Our recommendation is to definitely go for a tracksuit. They’re so fluffy, flexible, and will give you the ultimate level of chill. If you have to quickly nip to the shop for anything, you don’t even have to get changed either! There are plenty of brands out there that will charge you an absolute fortune to wear their brand name, so consider going for the cheaper price rather than the more expensive label. They still all do the same, and even some of the bigger named brands have wear and tear noticeable on them sooner than a cheaper brand would. Or, you could stick to the classic leggings and a jumper look, just in case you were worried about any visitors popping along and ruining your comfort level!

Dressing Down In Public

Dressing down in public is something you’re either going to master really well, or you’re going to do terribly at, and you’ll look like you’re not bothered to make that much effort. Dressing down in public is perfect for those days out to the shops, a catch up with friends, or anything that isn’t really that formal. So, the first thing you need to think about is what you want to wear on your top half, and we think that a nice jumper is a good way to start. You can get some really fashionable styles, such as the ones designed by the brand Cotton On. Now, the best thing to wear on your bottom half is some jeans. Skinny jeans can make a look either casual, or formal, and we think the decider is definitely what you wear on your feet. If you were to wear a stylish jumper, with some black skinny jeans, and some boots, you’d be going towards more dressed up. But, if you go for the trainer option, you’ve instantly turned it into a more casual outfit that we know you’ll be able to strut your stuff in!

Dressing Down For Formal Occasions

Do you know those awkward formal occasions where you’re not too sure what to wear, because they’re not a massively formal event, but it’s not casual? So, you don’t want to turn up in a bodycon dress and heels, but you don’t want to turn up in jeans and a top. So, the next best thing is a flowy dress. It’s something that could easily be worn as either smart casual, or formal. Accessories with a nice clutch bag, and even complete the look with some trainers if the occasion allows. If not, then going for something like dolly shoes. They look sophisticated, but not as much as wearing heels would!

Don’t Take It Too Far

You don’t want to head to a formal occasion, and be the one person there who hasn’t made any effort with their outfit. It happens, and we all have to go through it at some point, but for just this once, you don’t want it to be you. The best way of knowing how dress down to go, is by asking the people that you’re going with, or meeting there, what they are wearing! You’ll then be able to gauge your own outfit, and strut into wherever you’re going with confidence that you’re going to be dressed right. If it’s something like meeting up with friends for a coffee, your normal leggings or jeans and a top look will do. What we’re talking about here is the extreme cases of dressing down to formal events.

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