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Preparing Your Hair for a Week at the Beach

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Summer is finally upon us. The weather is hot and dry, the sun is shining, and many of us are looking forward to a well-earned vacation. A trip to the beach is fantastic. It’s your chance to let off steam, get some extra vitamin D, relax, unwind and look after yourself for a while. It’s your chance to recharge your batteries and let your hair down.

During the summertime, most of us hit the beach. Whether it’s for a week’s vacation, or as often as we can if we live close by. Spending time on the beach is great. Some of us like to lie in the sun, reading a book or simply letting our minds wander. Others love nothing more than jumping into the sea, jumping waves and trying some more adventurous water sports. All this time outside is fantastic. But, it can be hard on your hair.

The sun can dry it out and lead to damaged and split ends. While the salt water, sand, and sea breeze can cause tangles and breakage. You might come home from your week at the beach with a gorgeous glow and healthy skin, but unless you prepare it, your hair could be unhealthy and messy.

 Get a Trim
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The best thing that you can do for your hair is getting a trim before you go away. Get rid of any split ends and make sure your hair is smooth and even. This gives you a great start. Your hair is in the best condition it can be before you go and there’s less chance of further damage being done.

Deep Conditioning

Start using a deep conditioner in the weeks before you go away and take it with you to use while you are on your break. Find a natural product without chemicals and use it once a week. But, between treatments, don’t over wash your hair. Every other day is enough for most people. 

Minimize Product Use

Both before you leave, and while you are away, try to minimize the products that you use. The key to this is finding a brand and sticking to it. Aveda hair products are natural and free from chemicals and harsh ingredients. They can help to nourish and revitalize your hair, both home and away. Stick to a good shampoo and condition, and add a styling spray if you need it, but try to avoid products as often as you can.
Find Your Perfect Summer Style
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While you are at the beach, your hair is battered with wind, sand, and salt while sitting under the hot sun. Finding a style that keeps it out of the way and under control will help.These great summer braids can be a wonderful way to protect your hair and are also a fantastic way to take your hair from day to night. Some people also find that rinsing their hair before entering a pool or the sea, so that it’s already wet, prevents too much damage from chlorine or salt.

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