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Level Up Your Positivty (Post Share)

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Written By Myself Trina M. @Fancyyouraura
"Only through FAITH will you receive your blessings in ABUNDANCENURTURE the CREATIVITY that was given unto YOU."-Regina T.

What does positivity really mean? It can be displayed in many ways such as being generous, enthusiastic, optimistic and cheerful to name a few. We live in a world today fueled with negativity and this can include being around negative people that can totally mess with your aura and mentally drain you. So if there is toxic people around you, it's best to do is cut off that influence. The best remedy is to "Level Up Your Positivity" meaning programming your mind with positive thoughts. Wake up with the right energy and say to yourself " Today is going to be a good day". Speaking out aloud goes into the universe to manifest positivity.

Stay still and meditate meaning finding a quiet spot where you are most comfortable, surround yourself with nice scented candles. Close your eyes and envision the good you want in your life.. You must also recognize your power! You are devinely made for great things in this life, so stop those negative thoughts and worries and know your worth. Wearing positive clothing can lift you up and others by wearing them sends out a message visually.  So with that being said be happy, spread the love, don't be mad or hate meditate.


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