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I've Joined Planet Fitness!

Active Wear

I'm proud to say I am now again a Planet Fitness gym member. I tell you it feels wonderful to go in and get on the treadmill and sweat! The hubby and I went at 3am in the morning, which is the best time for us and workout because only a handful of people are there. As for workout clothes I'm on the lookout for some great leggings to sport on my exercise grind. Right now I only have a really old pair and a couple of t shirts, but I want to go in some fashionable leggings. So I will just wear what I have until I buy me some

Planet Fitness

I've been also thinking about the 30 minute circuit training, but I'm kinda intimidated. Even though I've lost weight I'm still out of shape and I'm scared of not knowing how to use that room lol! I know I will have to toughen up and just do it. I have read on Planet Fitness website that there is a Green light that tells you to go and Red to stop and move to the next station. Seems familiar to Curves.

Circuit Training

I love the friendly environment and the feeling of not being judged or people looking at you. They have several tv screens to watch while walking on the treadmills and of course free wifi. I love taking my cellphone to listen to some workout music.

I want to know after losing weight and the skin is loose, do I start doing weights? Or do I continue on the treadmill? I also want to know what are effective ways to get get my booty back because I totally lost it lol! 

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