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Hot Tips For A Healthier Summer

Healthier Summer

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Summer is awesome - quite possibly the best season of the year. It can also be one of the unhealthiest. With the scorching heat of the sun, summer barbecues aplenty, and lazy days on the beach, we are in danger of damaging our health during the summer, making it, quite possibly, the worst season of the year. Yes, we recognise the contradiction, but we are sure you know what we mean!

Here are our hot tips to give you a healthier summer!

  • Beware the sun. Yes, we realize you are keen on trying out your favorite summer fashions,catching the eye of anybody who cares to pass you a glance, but don’t replace looking good with feeling good. You need to protect yourself, and this does mean staying in the shade when the sun is hottest, layering yourself with the right factor sunscreen for your skin, and wearing comfortable sleeves and leggings, rather than opting for skimpier clothes for a summer tan.

  • Drink plenty. We are sure you already know the importance of hydration, especially during the hot season when you will be sweating more than normal. So, make sure you have water with you whenever you are out and about, and if you want to mix things up a little, subscribe to this water delivery service for some fruitier options, and consider coconut water, green tea, and a delicious fruit smoothie as well, to quench your thirst and keep you hydrated.

  • Exercise plenty. Okay, we know it’s tempting to sit by the pool with a fruit cocktail in one hand and a book in the other. Yes, we know you would rather sit on the beach than climb a mountain. Maybe, we are only assuming. But there are loads of activities you could try this summer, be that taking a step class, biking, practicing yoga, or a sport at your local leisure centre. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, so find something that will boost your fun factor this summer, as you will feel the health benefits.

  • Stay cool. You don’t want to overheat in the sun, so find ways to stay cool. Take a dip in the swimming pool, play water games with your friends, eat and drink anything that will keep your body cool, and if you need to, take a cold shower occasionally. And again, stay in sheltered areas, rather than spending too long under the burning sun. You don’t want to look like a lobster, after all!
  • Eat healthily. Summer barbecues are great, but they don’t do much for anybody keen on losing weight, or looking to cut out unhealthier foods. However, we have found some healthy grilling recipes online that are just the thing if you still insist on having a barbecue with your family and friends. The other unhealthy food option during the summer is ice cream, especially when you are trying to cool down. Again, there are healthier options, so take a look at these healthy ice cream recipes, which are both delicious and nutritious. Yummy!

Whatever you are doing this summer, we hope you have a wonderful and healthy time! Take care, and thanks for reading

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