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“Fido” Before “I Do”! What A Pet Does For Your Relationship


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One of the biggest tests any relationship faces is introducing a third of member of the family. A child is one of the biggest tests, but if you're not ready to take that leap just yet, it might be a good bridging gap to get a pet. If your boyfriend or significant other is committed to the relationship, and you are both ready for a pet, then great! But, and you need to know exactly what a pet can do for your relationship, both in the positive and negative sense.

There Will Be A Lot More Money Spent

This is probably the most obvious aspect right up front, you will notice you have a lot less disposable income, and whether this is because of the fact that your pet will only go for the most expensive food, or you have to purchase so many different items to ensure that your pet is occupied, especially when you are both out at work, including the more unique items like an invisible pet fence, or a dog house. You will notice right away that you have a lot less money at the end of the month. And don't forget the hidden costs, such as emergency vet bills, as well as kennels, especially if you like to travel a lot.

Less Time With Each Other

Because one of you will have to walk the dog while the other prepares food, or it's just too early in the morning, you will notice that you will spend a lot less time together as a couple. And while you might spend a lot more time being active with your pets, the downside is that you will miss out on a few nights out, or even quality couple time that you used to have in abundance. So be prepared to make a few sacrifices.

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It Will Help Your Relationship

And while it may drain your wallet and your social calendar, the fact is, having a pet to create a lot more love with a household. One of the natural by-products, hormone wise, of a pet is oxytocin, which is that lovely, cuddly feeling you get. And if it's the three of you cozying up in front of the TV every night, you might not even miss your nights out at all! The fact is you will have a lot of difficulties when getting a pet for the very first time, but it's these difficulties that you and your significant other will have to work through, which means you will appreciate each other a lot more when you come out the other end of the tunnel.

They say that having a pet is the perfect preparation to see if you and your significant other can cope with children, but it could be argued that a pet is more challenging. But either way, a pet will prove to be either the making of you as a couple, or your undoing. It's something you shouldn't take lightly, and if you are deadly serious, be prepared for early mornings, and a lot more cleaning than you are used to, but at the end of it, it may very well be the making of you as a couple.

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