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Battered Fried Mushrooms Recipe For Snacking πŸ„

Fried Mushrooms

Have you ever tried Battered Fried Mushrooms? They are great for topping your favorite foods such as burgers, steaks or in your soups as a meat substitute. My all time favorite is frying them for snacking. When I have a cool movie in mind I sometimes cook them. They are so meaty and juicy and really fill you up.

2 pks. White Mushrooms washed and cleaned cut in halves or whole
1 cup of Flour
2 Eggs
Seasoning any kind you prefer. I use Hamburger Deluxe season or Garlic Salt
Vegetable Oil or Olive Oil for a more healthier version



1. In a Medium bowl  pour your cup of Flour.
2. Add a couple of dashes of Season to flour to your taste
3. Add the 2 Eggs
4. Add water to ingredients, a small amount at a time until you create a creamy batter, like pancake consistency. Then set aside

Heat your stove to Medium heat, to test oil drop a little batter into it and if it floats it's ready for your mushrooms.

Start dipping your Mushrooms in your batter with your fingers or a toothpick. Drop a few mushrooms at a time in heated oil. When they are a light golden brown they are ready to set aside. Repeat until they are all done. Serve them with Ranch for dipping. Yummy!

Fried Mushrooms

2 packs serves about 2 people. Add more packs if you have a large family for movie night. I hope you enjoy!

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